BlackBerry Launches App World


BlackBerry App World

Today was a pretty big day for anyone out there with a recent Blackberry with OS 4.2 or later in addition to either a touchscreen (currently referring to the Storm, a phone we already anticipated getting an App Store last year here) or a trackball (most BlackBerry’s made within the last 2 or 3 years). As of today you finally get… APPS!!!!

Yup, RIM (the makers of BlackBerry’s) finally released it’s own app store for the BlackBerry called App World — a much lamer title than the iPhone/Touch’s App Store), and boy does it look great.  Not only does it give you easy access versions of all your standard programs, including games, Facebook and MySpace, AIM, Pandora (a radio app that lets you listen to music on your phone over the internet) but also boasts apps resembling ones for the iPhone, like Shazam (it finds all the info for the song you’re listening to by just listening in).

Like on the Apple App Store, some apps will be free, others will cost money, though going through apps look to be just as easy as on the App Store’s for the iPhone and T-Mobile G1. You can download App World for your BlackBerry here, and see a video of App World here.

So now all you BlackBerry users not only get the famed, awesome BlackBerry keyboard for texting, but you also get apps! How you feel bout this, and what apps you get so far?

(Oh, and by the way, this is NOT an April Fools joke 😉 )

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