The Latest on 5 Upcoming T-Mobile Phones


We recently wrote about 5 upcoming phones for both Verizon and AT&T, and now were switching our attention to T-Mobile: if your a T-Mobile user, you should be really pumped right about now as you are finally looking to get some really nice phones great for texting. And we mean REALLY nice! So what’cha waiting for? Read on!

Ok, so like with the Verizon post, not all of these phones are guaranteed, but a lot are rumored to becoming real soon and the rumors around the web are pretty strong.


T-Mobile Sidekick LX (orchid color)

1. T-Mobile Sidekick LX (aka T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009)

We wrote about this a little while ago, and T-Mobile the other day actually confirmed this to be coming on May 13th, so any hardcore texters should really wanna pay attention here– this is probably the greatest Sidekick ever. Check it:

  • Thinnest Sidekick Ever— so says T-Mobile, whose word is pretty credible considering they are the sole sellers of Sidekicks (rhyming not intended)
  • 3.2-inch F-WVGA screen with high-definition screen— This has an 854 x480 resolution, which in simple English terms, means not only the greatest screen on a Sidekick EVER, but one of the greatest screens on any phone out there today, on any carrier! This will make everything– the web, texts, your Facebook/MySpace/Twitter page, pix and videos — insanely clear and easy to use.
  • Flip out screen and QWERTY keyboard— The standard Sidekick design pretty much.
  • T-Mobile 3G— Like I said in the other post… FINALLY!
  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus, Flash and Video Capture— A nice camera for a phone, should be more than fine for your basic camera taking needs.
  • GPS with Windows Live Search— So you can map out where you wanna go. It also has real time traffic which is a nice touch πŸ˜‰
  • Built in Facebook, MySpace and Twitter apps— Great for keeping you connected with your social network. You also can view YouTube videos with the web browser or on MySpace.
  • Mp3 Player with microSD card slot— T-Mobile actually throws in a 1 GB card in the box. Very kind of them πŸ™‚
  • Available in “carbon” or “orchid”— Basically either a black or reddish brown.

The Sidekick LX (interesting that they gave it the same name as an earlier version of the Sidekick) will be available for T-Mobile for $199.99 after rebate on a 2 year contract on May 13th.


T-Mobile Touch Pro2 (notice the nice little arrow πŸ˜‰ ) Click on the pic for a bigger shot.

2. HTC Touch Pro2 (aka T-Mobile Wing 2)

Now this is an awesome phone. You thought the Sidekick LX was nice, wait till you hear bout this. This is the next version of the Touch Pro currently found on AT&T (known as the HTC Fuze), Sprint and Verizon, and it is way better.

  • 3.6 inch High Res screen with slide out QWERTY keyboard— a great touch screen which, if it’s anything like the Touch Pro’s– and we assume this one’s much better– means you’re in for a great device. And like the older AT&T Tilt, the touchscreen tilts up- very cool.
  • T-Mobile 3G
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Windows Mobile 6.1, with the ability to upgrade to the new Windows Mobile 6.5 later on— Good OS, and you can add apps and customize it pretty well. Windows Mobile 6.5 adds an official App Store (called Windows Marketplace for Mobile), a new homescreen and an improved mobile Internet Explorer web browser among other things. Windows Mobile 6.5 should be out later this year, and we’ll cover it more when that time nears. HTC also puts YouTube, Opera, and Facebook apps included on the phone, and they even throw in a cool, fun game called Teeter which uses the phones’ accelerometer (reorients the screen according to holding position-think iPhone) and you use it to move a ball into a hole. It’s better than that just sounded– trust me.
  • 3.2 Megapixel camera with flash and auto focus

The rumors on this phone say that it’ll drop around July 22nd, which is not that bad considering it took much longer for the the older Touch Pro to come to the US (think like September or even later for the original Touch Pro to come to a carrier).


HTC Snap

3. HTC Snap (aka T-Mobile Dash 2)


The rumored T-Mobile G2 (and yes this is the same pic we used in the previous post)

This is the rumored successor to the popular Windows Mobile Standard (not touchscreen), QWERTY keyboard T-Mobile Dash. Keeping the same style and slim design, it packs a full QWERTY keyboard, GPS, 2 megapixel camera, Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard and WiFi, with the addition of T-Mobile 3G (a much-needed necessity). Not much else on this other than we expect to come for a pretty low price and that itΒ  is rumored to launch on July 1st.

4. HTC Magic (aka T-Mobile G2)

Wow a lot of T-Mobile’s phones are rumored to come from HTC! Now this phone is a little more mysterious. As we mentioned before, this is the next Android handset rumored to arrive to T-Mobile. Unlike the first T-Mobile Android phone, the T-Mobile G1 (out now for T-Mobile, you can find out more here), this phone is all touchscreen, kinda like the iPhone and Blackberry Storm for AT&T and Verizon respectively. We don’t know much else on this phone, other than it’s got 3G, runs Android and is all touchscreen. But if it’s like the upcoming European version, it will also have WiFi, a 3.2 or 5 megapixel camera, and a GPS. However, rumors on this phone are pretty strong that this should be coming soon to T-Mobile, and we’ll obviously keep you updated with anything more we find out.

5. Ok, so we know this doesn’t actually count as a phone, but a lot of Samsung phones are rumored to be coming soon to T-Mobile, but we don’t enough on any of them to report them here. We’ll let you know when we do.

Any of these phones catch your interest? Perhaps a new Sidekick LX or maybe a sweet lil HTC Touch Pro2? Say what you think in the comments.

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  1. I’m looking out for the Touch Pro for T-Mobile…..THATS GONAN BE SICK

  2. Maybe is a sign or just a website malfunction but on 5/11/09 I didn’t see the wing on T Mobiles list of phones for sale.

  3. I am with u Sincere for sure I will be first on ordering the Touch Pro 2 cant wait


    like. samsung memoir was great phone till it made it over to usa. same thing with touch pro 2. original htc touch pro 2 is better than the one for tmobile.

    sucks man. you wait for months to before it launches nad when it comes out. its not what you have been waiting for. why tmobile keeps doing this to its customers. i guess business is business. Reply to this comment

  5. wwhat phone is the best out of these hpones

  6. Any suggestions as to the type of replacement Android phone I should get? I really like the first generation HTC

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