6 New and Upcoming Sprint Phones


We’ve covered Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile, so now its time for those on Sprint find out about 5 new phones soon to be or already available.

The big guy here is the Palm Pre, anticipated Sprint’s top phone this year, as well as one of ’09 top phones overall. If the Pre ain’t your thing though, Sprint is offering several other exciting phones, seemingly the best lineup of all the carriers we’ve covered this year. So…. read on!


Samsung Instinct S30 (in silver/gray, also available in a copper/brown)

1. Samsung Instinct S30

This just launched and  is already in stores. This Instinct is I guess something we can view as Instinct 1.5; nothing really significant was updated that couldn’t simply have been added to the current version, most notably in regard to software. Only in design were there significant changes, the model made sleeker and with a friendlier touchscreen (though the first Instinct’s was already pretty good). Otherwise, it’s everything notable about its predecessor: 3G, GPS, Sprint TV, Sprint Music Store, 2.0 megapixel camera, Facebook/MySpace/YouTube apps built-in, etc. All in all, nice but we suggest you take a look at some other phones on our list before you buy it 🙂 — the other phones we got here look to be that good.

Available now for the same price the old Instinct started at, $129.99 with a 2 year contract from Sprint.com (though Best Buy is selling it for only $49.99, just fyi).

(Reminder:  All the following phones below have yet too be released so, like the case is with all other carriers, their actual release date may not come for awhile — if it’s not canned entirely in the interim.)


Samsung Chianti (click for bigger pic)

2. Samsung Chianti

Think of this as a Samsung Propel for Sprint. Like AT&T’s Propel, this phone has a widescreen with a full slide out QWERTY keyboard, 3G, 2 megapixel camera, Music and Video players, and microSD card slot for adding memory.

This also is said to be a very “green” device, so those of you really concerned about the environment should find a really good winner here: a great texting phone while doing your bit to help the environment.

The Chianti is rumored to be coming early next month (rumors point to May 10th), and while we don’t know a price yet, we can’t believe this will go for more than $100 (though who knows).


Samsung Dash (click for bigger pic)

3. Samsung Dash

Ok, here is another bad boy coming to Sprint, which is supposed to be the true successor to the Instinct (the Instinct S30 that just launched recently is more like Instinct 1.5 as we said above; this appears more like an Instinct 2.0). Check out the specs on this guy:

  • 3.2 inch touchscreen– This is the same size of the Instinct’s screen, but is said to be packing a higher resolution screen (HVGA) that will make everything– web, txt, pix, videos– look much better.
  • Sprint 3G
  • Accelerometer– Like whats on the iPhone, iPod Touch and Blackberry Storm. This allows you to flip the phone on its side and then have the screen automatically flip to that side as well. Instinct 1 unfortunately didn’t have this.
  • WiFi— Something which was much needed on the Instinct 1
  • GPS
  • Sprint TV and Music Store
  • Mp3 and Video Player with microSD card slot
  • 5 megapixel camera with auto focus— This is definitely a nice touch, and should preform much better than the Instinct’s current camera (2 megapixel).

When this will come out and for how much we don;t yet know but we’ll keep you updated of course.


BlackBerry Niagara (Pic from Boy Genius Report.com)

4. BlackBerry Niagara (aka BlackBerry 9630)

Pretty much the Sprint version of the upcoming BlackBerry for Verizon. Features for this rumored “Best BlackBerry Ever” (a lethal fusion of the Blackberry Bold’s (AT&T) renowned keyboard and the Curve’s excellent and sleek screen and design– the best of the best 2 BlackBerrys pretty much). Spec’s for this version of the BlackBerry Niagara include:

  • Best BlackBerry design ever!– See above comment on screen, design and keyboard.
  • Sprint 3G
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with video recording and flash
  • GPS
  • BlackBerry OS 4.7— The latest BlackBerry OS currently (BlackBerry’s makers, RIM, are said to have version 5.0 almost ready, and depending on when this comes it, it might just launch with that).
  • Mp3 player with microSD card slot and 1 GB of memory built in— Very nice.

Unlike the Verizon version, which is rumored to come in the next month or so, we don’t exactly know when the Sprint version will launch (Verizon is said to have some sort of exclusive time period where they are the phone’s only carrier in the US– like a couple weeks/months….), and we also don’t know an exact price. But on May 5th-7th, RIM is holding their annual BlackBerry conference, and anything we hear their we’ll make sure to report back here.


HTC Touch Pro2 (Note: this is the standard, European version of the Touch Pro2. The Sprint version looks very similar just without the video chat ability)

5. HTC Rhodium (Touch Pro2)

Very similar to the rumored Touch Pro2 for T-Mobile arriving sometime this summer. It looks pretty identical to that version, loaded with so many features that if you’re looking for a touchscreen/real keyboard phone running Windows Mobile, this must be your pick (even if your not concerned on Windows Mobile and just looking for a good, cool texting phone, this should be on your list).

  • 3.6 inch High Res screen with slide out QWERTY keyboard– a great touch screen which, if it’s anything like the Touch Pro’s– and we assume this one’s much better– means you’re in for a great device. And like the older AT&T Tilt, the touchscreen tilts up- very cool.
  • Sprint 3G with ability to use Europe 3G when traveling overseas.
  • WiFi
  • FM Radio— This is something we didn’t see on the T-Mobile version, but hey we won’t mind if they put it in
  • GPS
  • Windows Mobile 6.1, with an eventual Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade option— Good OS, and you can add apps and customize it pretty well. Windows Mobile 6.5 adds an official App Store (called Windows Marketplace for Mobile), a new home screen, and an improved mobile Internet Explorer web browser, among other things. Windows Mobile 6.5 should be out later this year, and we’ll cover it more when that time nears. HTC also puts YouTube, Opera, and Facebook apps included on the phone, and they even throw in a cool, fun game called Teeter which uses the phones’ accelerometer (reorients the screen according to holding position, think iPhone-ish) and you use it to move a ball into a hole. It’s better than that just sounded– trust me.
  • 3.2 Megapixel camera with flash and auto focus

This is said to be coming later in the year, probably after the summer (sorry Sprint users, you’ll need to wait this one out), but it sure looks like a really good phone.


The Palm Pre

6. Palm Pre

At this point not much else can be said about the Palm Pre (we covered everything when it was first announced here), but regardless, if there is one phone capable of putting Sprint back on top, this is it.

Not only does it boast a set of features close to or matching the iPhone — 3.2 inch multi touch (yes, multi touch) touchscreen, thin design, sleek interface using webOS (the phone’s operating system), apps, WiFi and 3G — but it even adds a full, slide-out QWERTY keyboard. And, like I said before in other posts, Palm knows keyboards, so expect quality. It’s already the most anticipated ’09 phone (so far) for gadget enthusiasts (like us) and should be for every teen (the sane ones anyways 😉 ): very cool, feature-loaded (including touchscreen), and with the supremely significant–esp if your’re a big texter — physical keyboard (before my iPhone I used a Palm Treo 650 and though it was an ’04 model, I now frequently wish for that great keyboard again, so imagine how great Palm’s 2009 version of the keyboard will be!).

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when the Pre will be released, or for how much, but stick tight: Palm promised it will be out in the first half of 2009 (which ends June 30th), with most rumors pointing to a May 17th release. If you want some grounded evidence to prove an upcoming arrival, note that Sprint’s been putting it in all their new ads (see the videos here, and Sprint’s site here).

Any of these on your wishlist? Thoughts on the new Palm device in general- interested in buying it when it comes out? Think its better than the iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Will there be a “Palm Pre Lite” for the masses – replacing the Palm Centro? When??

  2. Hey Sandy,

    Well, rumors came out today all over the web bout a “Palm Pre lite”. It looks to be a Centro, just with the new OS on the Pre– called webOS– and has 4 GB built in memory, 3G and be INSANELY thin (like Macbook Air like thin). According to the rumors (which you can see here), it won’t be coming to Sprint, instead going to AT&T. It is said to be coming in the fall of this year (when we don’t know… yet 😉 ).

    Well have to wait and see if this pans out, but well keep you updated on whatever we hear.

    — Eli

  3. whoa i cant wait for these new phones to come out!!! (:

  4. WHOA! I have a Rant right now, but I can’t wait for the Samsung Dash and the HTC Rhodium to come out. I can’t decide which one I’ll get 🙂

  5. i have a upstage and its been two years, so its time to renew my plan, i’m looking forward to the chianti because i’m really a fan of samsung even though i consider the upstage a failure. i hope the chianti gets great reviews and gives me more reasons to consider buying one. i’m into candybar phones but the once i saw the chianti i knew i had to try slide phones

  6. i love all these new phones but keep improving those QWERTY phones i love those texting phones they are the bomb i have the green rumor!!!~!

  7. man i have have 3 phones in the last few months and working on getting another now…a musiq (suck), Instinct 1 (suck), and a mogul (good but needs more power) and i want a touch pro but now im thinking i should wait for a palm pre or htc rhodium…any suggestions…im thinking ill get the touch pro…and wait for all the bugs to get fixed and upgrade again in december. hows the pro…pretty good i hope and should be getting cheaper with the new phones coming out

  8. Hey MaTT,

    If I were you I’d wait for the Palm Pre to launch at least, as the initial word about it seems to be that it is a REAL iPhone competitor (as in a phone that FINALLY gives the iPhone a run for it’s money– unlike the Storm and Instinct). For sure don’t get the Touch Pro 1 that’s out now, as it would be a waist of your money if you just plan on getting the Pre or the Touch Pro2 in December (that’s not to say it’s a bad phone, just not worth spending the money just to pay more to upgrade in a few months). Rumors right now are saying that the Touch Pro2 should be coming in the summer (either June or July), so you hopefully shouldn’t need to wait that much longer if you wanna go with that.

    If you got any other questions feel free to reply.


  9. dude, seriously: when is that blackberry coming out? i need to get my hands on it! i’ve been wanting one, almost switched to t mobile for the 8900 but i might as well wait for the 9630! i cant wait.

  10. Hey Veronica,

    I understand your anxiety, it looks like an awesome phone. Sorry to tell you though, but as of right now we don’t know of any exact release dates for the BlackBerry Tour for Sprint (the Tour is the new name for this BlackBerry instead of Niagara or 9630, just fyi). Verizon was said to get it first a week ago with Sprint to get it a little while after that, but obviously that didn’t happen. Rumors now are saying that Verizon should be getting it on July 13th, and that Sprint would be getting it sometime in Quarter 3 of this year (July through September).

    If you really need a new phone and can’t/don’t wanna wait this out, the Palm Pre may be a good fit for you instead (and we know for a fact that it’s coming out in the first week of June— making the BlackBerry release in June much more unlikely for Sprint as they probably want all the attention to be on their star player– the Pre).

    We’ll keep you updated of course when we hear anything new.


  11. PLease post the arrival date for the Samsung Dash, oh and will this phone also come with a QWERTY keyboard?
    I hope it does, touch screen and QWERTY make an awesome mix !

  12. Eli,

    You said either June or July for the HTC Touch Pro2, is there an exact date on that yet?

  13. Hey Sean,

    Well, not much has come out on a solid release unfortunately, though pictures of the Sprint branded Touch Pro2 have started popping up around the web (see here for one shot). Rumors are also saying that it may come as soon as mid-June, and with these pix coming out, hopefully that’s true.

    We’ll keep you updated once we find out some more info.


  14. thanks a lot eli

  15. video chat when r we getting that

  16. Chiante.. It’s past may when is it coming out?

  17. Hey Ale,

    Unfortunately, we don’t know any firm release date on the Chianti, though rumors are saying it got pushed back to sometime in Q3 of this year (months of July, August and September. So it could pretty much drop anytime over those 3 months). When we find out more info we’ll make sure to pass it along.

    All the best,


  18. I thought the Onyx was supposed to be the “ultimate” BlackBerry that combined the best of the Curve and the Bold, not the Niagara as stated above?

  19. I heard the HTC TOUCH PRO 2 is not coming to the U.S. it will be only be release in europe. Is this true? I need to knw b/c I wanted it for my birthday!

  20. Hey K.C.

    Don’t worry, there are not only strong rumors of US bound Touch Pro2’s, but rumors (and even pix around the web as you can see in our T-Mobile upcoming phone post here) that it will be coming to ALL 4 of the big US carriers (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon)! There are also some pretty strong rumors of a launch of some of the variations coming sometime this summer (such as T-Mobile’s, though we wouldn’t be surprised if we see most come out over the next couple of months), so you can look forward to a very happy birthday.


  21. Man! I can’t wait till the HTC touch PRO 2 comes out!! I’m soo stoked about it! I was going to get the Palm Pre but I’m glad I waited it out for this phone!!!

  22. will it be worth it to change my touch pro 1 for the 2….whats the major differences

  23. Pro 1 works fine for me I love it

  24. why att and not sprint….dang

  25. Sprint Sucks! If your looking into Sprint run away fast and don’t look back… Google Sprint reviews and you will see how bad they really are.

  26. what kind new phone to coming to septmeber 2009 for sprint carrier

  27. is there any other windows phones coming out on sprint?

  28. Hey David,

    One of the biggest new phones of the year is said to be coming pretty much any day now to Sprint is the HTC TouchPro2 pictured above. When exactly it will come to Sprint is anyone’s guess (it’s been rumored for months), though the latest rumors are saying it will be coming out September 3rd.

    Other than that, there really isn’t a lot of new info yet on other Windows Phones coming to Sprint, but once any info gets out you can be sure we’ll have it covered here.


  29. Is the Samsung Chianti the Samsung Reclaim that is suppose to come out in 2 days (8/16)?

  30. Hey Justin,

    Yeah, the Chianti is the Reclaim. You check out all the info in our post here.


  31. Hello Eli,

    I’m not sure which phone I should get. I have the Instinct 1, which I hate, but I’m waiting on either the HTC TouchPro 2 or the Samsung Dash. I know you made an approximate date for the HTC TouchPro 2 to release on Sept. 3 but do you know of an estimate date for the Samsung Dash? Also, which do you think is better?

    Thanx for your help

  32. Hey Jacqueline,

    The phone you get really depends on what you want your phone to do. As in, do you want a full keyboard and a touchscreen (if so go with something like the TouchPro 2), or do you wanna stay all touchscreen and get something like the Dash (which should have a better touchscreen than the Instinct 1’s, though I can’t say that for sure)? Both the Dash and TouchPro 2 look to be great phones, and I’m sure you’ll be happy with either one, but I would recommend that you take a look at both in a Sprint store to make the pick that’s best for you (though seeing as you say you hate the Instinct 1, I would take a good look at the TouchPro2 which should make things easier with it’s bigger touchscreen and real, physical slide out QWERTY keyboard).

    I don’t yet know of a real estimated date when the Dash will come to Sprint, but my guess would be somewhat soon as more leaks on it are starting to pop up across the web. (Oh, and if time isn’t a major factor, you may wanna wait till around October 11th– as that is when Sprint is said to be getting 2 sick Android phones: the HTC Hero, which we wrote bout here, and the Samsung InstinctQ– which we’ll cover more in detail later as more info on it gets out, but it’s said to be an touchscreen phone running Android with a full slide out QWERTY keyboard, kinda like the TouchPro2. Sorry to make your decision a lil harder, just putting that out there 🙂 ).

    Hope this helps and if you got any more questions feel free to ask.

    All the best,


  33. Thanks Eli,

    I looked around for pictures of Samsung InstinctQ and i love it… I’m not crazy about the new HTC, it looks too much like the G1…I think i’m going to wait for the InstinctQ. But I have one more question, why are they called Android phones? And will the HTC TouchPro 2 or the Samsung InstinctQ have app capabilities?

  34. Hey Jacqueline,

    No problem, we’re here to help 🙂

    Anyways, Android is just the name of the software that Google chose, and is the OS that is on the phone. Kinda like how the new Windows is called Windows 7 and the new Mac OS X is called Snow Leopard. They’re just names. Why Google chose Android I don’t know.

    And ya, both the InstinctQ and TouchPro2 will have app stores– the Android Market for the InstinctQ and the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile once the TouchPro2 gets Windows Mobile 6.5 (it should get it as either a free upgrade– assuming Sprint is nice and does like everyone else who is launching new, fancy Windows Mobile phones– or, depending on when Sprint releases it, as the OS out of the box. Though even the current Windows Mobile 6.1 can have apps installed, there just isn’t yet an offical “app store” for it, and you’d need to search around online and put the apps on yourself).

    Any other questions feel free to ask.


  35. i need some advice
    for now i dont want a phone that needs all in one plan
    like iPhone, Instinct etc…
    my plan right now kicks ass

    so what should i get, EXCLAIM ?

    i have the Upstate which i cant wait to throw against the wall

  36. Does anyone know if Sprint is going to get the Blackberry Storm??? I really love the phone, but I am a Sprint user! I would hate to switch services just for my love of the Storm! Any info???

  37. I am ready to upgrade my Instinct. Although it has been a good phone for me, I am now considering the Palm Pre. However, I am hearing about the HTC Touch Pro2. I really do enjoy Samsung products & have not had any experience w/ the Palm products. Through all the reading material out there on so many phones, what advice can you give me on the major differences between the two phones (Pre & Touch Pro2). I am a gadget girl so I use any cell phone I own to it’s fullest. Thanks for your time.

  38. Hey Valarie–

    Ok, so there are a lot of similarities between the Touch Pro2 and the Pre, and in my opinion will really come down to which phone you’d rather use. Both have great touchscreens with slide out QWERTY keyboards, 3G, WiFi and GPS.

    The Pre has the smaller screen which is much easier to fit into a pocket, 8 GB of storage built in, and has features like multi-touch and gestures– which aren’t found on the Touch Pro2. Oh, and it also got Palm’s sweet webOS which in my opinion is way better than the current Windows Mobile 6.1.

    The Touch Pro2 meanwhile has the bigger, tilting screen and bigger keyboard, HTC’s great Touch Flo 3D interface which looks to get much better if (really when) Sprint gives this the upgrade to the new Windows Mobile 6.5 launching on October 6th, and the ability to right now add a whole lot more apps and customizations– even though the official Windows Marketplace for Mobile app store doesn’t launch till 6.5 comes out (and for someone who’s a “gadget girl,” I think this is something you should really look into).

    Of course, the biggest difference between these 2 great phones in my opinion– and really, they both look to be awesome and there really isn’t a “bad” choice here (and I think you’ll definitely like either one a lot more than the Instinct 🙂 )– is the price. At Walmart for example, you can get the Pre at a very reasonable $80, and Sprint itself is selling it for a not too bad $150. The Touch Pro2 meanwhile, well that’s a whole different story, with Sprint charging an outrageous $350 (though rumors are floating around now saying Sprint looks to finally come back down to Earth and price this thing closer to the much more reasonable $200 Verizon is charging for it– though when they’ll do this is still unknown). Both phones also do require some sort of data plan and new 2 year contract, so just keep that in mind when totaling up the costs.

    At the end of the day though, your gonna be the one using the phone, and I think the real winning factor will be which phone you personally see yourself taking around everywhere and doing whatever you need your phone to do (texting, internet, Facebook…. whatever it is). Again, both these phones look to be great, and the specs on both are way too close to call without getting a first hand take on them yourself, so definitely try to head down to your local Sprint store and see which one suits you best.

    Best of luck and feel free to let us know if you got any more questions and which phone you end up going with!

    All the best,

  39. I personally think that all of this information is pretty much useless. The problem with it is that you can’t PREDICT the furture, and also these phones are already out so there is no point of putting this crap “On the Air”…..as a professional would say. Anyway, I happen to be the manager of Sprint, and I was just looking to see how much people liked my personal company! Apparently you don’t know what is really happening! To all you sprint fans……. Our company is creating a special and rare phone that no other company can have! This new phone is called the “Eclipse” This phone will include only touchscreen, bluetooth(for free ofcourse), camera(with makeover games and more), FREE games(like tetrus and more!), and finally……the most rare part of it is the Textmessaging! When you are about to text, the screen forms the shape of the certain button(the buttons are a normal small size) and you can feal the buttons while touching it! The Eclipse comes in many different colors! Pink, orange, green, blue, purple, yellow, red, and soooooo much more. But there is an agreeable price to it! It would be worth about only like 350 dollars. But, with all of our clients that have been with us for 5 years or more get a 200 dollar coupon to spend on the phone of their choice! Also, certain clients have been sent a 150 dollar gift card from me and they should be able to get their “Eclipse” for FREE! Absolute no cost! I think that this phone will be great for teenagers and business managers!


  41. Shea Williams

    When is sprint comming out with a upgrade for the now existing palm pre??????????????????

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