E3 Videogame Conference Rumors Roundup

e3 logo

Next month, a major video game conference called E3 is taking place, and all the big players in the video game industry– Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, will be there. A lot of new/upcoming games and accessories usually get shown off for the first time as well. Read on to see of the rumors that have been flying around for E3 this year.

These are more hardware based rumors than anything else (I mean, it honestly is not possible to cover all the possible actual games at a major video game conference in one little post), but we know you’ll still be very happy with these.

slim ps3 box

The rumored PS3 Slim box

1. “PS3 Slim”

Kinda like the PS2 Slim. Think an insanely thin “new” PS3, that keeps all the great features found in the current PS3, while bumping the standard hard drive up from 80 GB to 120 GB. Also rumored is that this new “Slim” will, as with the PS2 Slim, cut down on the PS3’s significantly higher price ($400 for base unit over the Wii’s $250 or 360‘s $200, also base unit)

xbox 360 motion sensor bar

The Xbox 360 motion sensor bar– it the white thing directly in front of the TV. Pic from Engadget

2. Motion Sensing

Both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are rumored to introduce motion sensing add-ons at E3 as well, the PS3’s more like the Wii/SIXAXIS system, but using a camera as well to make it better at motion sensing, while the Xbox 360 takes on a whole new approach.

According to Engadget.com, this will be a sensor bar as well as a camera that will sense the player’s movements without the need to be carrying a control like you would on the Wii. For example in a fighting game, you kick, punch, duck, dive, jump and so forth with your body, and the sensor and camera will pick it up and make it happen with your character in the game. The sensor also is said to be so advanced that it will only detect the movements of the player, and not whoever’s watching you play on the couch.

If done right, and Microsoft has been very on target thus far with its Xbox stuff (separate from the recent Vista/Windows and Red Ring of Death debacles), this is by far the most awesome thing rumored to arrive at E3 in my opinion. Oh, and get excited because the prestigious Wall Street Journal said to expect this soon as well.

psp 2 mockup

A mock up of the rumored PSP 2

3. PSP 2

Like all E3’s over the past couple of years, rumors are running wild of a real, new PSP 2 (we’re talking a complete upgrade– not some minor spec changes to the original as the case for the past 2 years). So what can we expect from this new PSP 2?

  • built-in 8 GB or 16 GB flash based storage like the iPod Touch to play games will replace the noisy, slow and relatively bulky UMD currently in place
  • a touchscreen (again to compete with the iPod Touch and Nintendo DS)
  • a slide out keypad under the touchscreen (which as you can see in the mock up above, would be a full touchscreen), containing the analog and joystick buttons
  • possible built in camera
  • release date of later this year in the US. All I can say to this is: it’s about time!

Anyways, you’re now caught up to what might go down in 2 weeks in LA when E3 kicks off. E3 is from June 1st-4th, so check back for our coverage of all the major stuff that goes down.

Feel free though to speculate on what you think might be coming in the comments.

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