AT&T’s Upcoming Phone Lineup Leaked in Amazing Detail


A lil while ago we wrote about 5 phones that were coming soon to AT&T. Yesterday, got word on a whole bunch of other phones coming to AT&T later this year, and while you can see all the scoops at their Engadget Mobile site here, we’re gonna focus on 3 really big, awesome ones we think will particularly interest you.

htc lancaster

HTC’s Lancaster for AT&T with Google’s Android OS

1. HTC Lancaster

At first glance it seems like a solid HTC Touch Pro2 (not to worry, there’s one of those too if you check out the Engadget page) with touchscreen/full keyboard, 3G, GPS, 3 megapixel camera, etc.–all very nice. But get this: it runs Google’s Android OS instead of Windows Mobile that’s found on the Touch Pro2, making AT&T the 1st US carrier outside T-Mobile (the G1 soon HTC Magic) with a phone using this very cool OS. This exciting combination of AT&T features, real good looks (seriously which would you take based on looks– the G1 or this?) and Android makes this my preferred choice over T-Mobile’s G1, hands down.

Release is said to be August 3rd, though that part is not really set in stone, so we’ll keep you updated.

palm eos

The Palm Eos

2. Palm Eos

Another nice phone which also, like Lancaster, attempts to add a new OS to AT&T’s lineup, this time Palm’s webOS. While webOS is not fully confirmed–the OS for the Eos has only been referred to as “new Palm OS experience” — we really got to believe it is webOS as Palm said that there will be many devices using it (it’s already on the Palm Pre coming to Sprint as you know). This appears to be an updated version of the very popular Palm Centro, making it even more probable that webOS would be on the device. Features wise the Eos also has AT&T 3G, 4GB built in memory, 2 megapixel camera, GPS, and the touchscreen/full keyboard design you find on the Centro. Did we mention how thin it is- how can we forget!? Unlike the Centro, which was small but a little bit chubby, the Eos is said to 10.6 mm, or paper like thin!

Sadly, we don’t when exactly this will drop, though it is said to be coming second half of the year (July 1st through December 31st). Let’s all hope it comes in the sooner part of that time frame rather than the latter.

blackberry 9900

A rumored shot of the BlackBerry Magnum, aka the BlackBerry 9900 (Pic from Note: this pic was not in Engadget’s AT&T scoop; just the rumored pic of the Magnum that’s been floating around the web.

3. New BlackBerry’s

Also on the list is a whole slew of new BlackBerry’s, most notably a Curve-like device with 3G (codenamed Onyx), a new BlackBerry Pearl with 3G (not the flip Pearl- the candy bar-shaped Pearl 1), and this, the update to the BlackBerry Bold, called the BlackBerry Magnum. The BlackBerry Magnum is probably the BlackBerry everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, has been waiting for: a BlackBerry with its distinctive, awesome keyboard AND a touchscreen.

And don’t forget about a sick HVGA screen (480×360 resolution– really clear screen), AT&T 3G,WiFi, and GPS. Pretty cool no? Sadly, Engadget doesn’t have other details like the camera resolution or release date, but let’s  pray here as well that AT&T is kind enough to release this REALLY soon (I’d be happy with tomorrow).

Other phones mentioned in this massive leak (honestly, does AT&T really have any other phones left after this?) are the HTC Touch Pro2, which really resembles T-Mobile’s version, the HTC Touch Diamond2, which is like the Touch Pro2 except thinner, with a smaller screen, and no slide out keyboard (info on these phones here), a bunch of Nokia’s, a new HP phone, and a whole lot more. Again, for all the details on everything they found (trust me, there is a lot more than this), check out their Engadget Mobile site.

Like what you see? Is this, coupled with the rumor of a new iPhone or 2 for AT&T this year, going to convince you to re-up if your AT&T contract is set to expire later this year?

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  1. On #3: This is clearly a cut-and-paste design mock-up. The OS is from 9500 series as BB6 icon designs are completely different and it wouldn’t make sense for RIM to continue exactly on the same design for the body!

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