More Palm Pre Features Revealed


Over the past couple of days there has been a conference in San Fransisco run by the Wall Street Journal called D7 (you can find out more bout D7 here). This conference brings out some of the top tech players like Microsoft, RIM (makers of the BlackBerry’s), and Palm, and while usually it is just “CEO talk” about their thoughts on the tech market and such, sometimes, these CEOs reveal info on new products. The other day, Palm was one of those companies, releasing a whole bunch of new info on the previously very secretive Pre.

As we know the Palm Pre is coming next week, and there are still a bunch of features hidden. So when Palm CEO John Rubinstein (ironically initially from Apple and the guy who helped create the iPod) took the stage today, he obviously demo-ed some new features. Firstly, he elaborated upon the structure of the Pre’s App Catalog (the Pre’s version of the App Store), and then he proceeded to announce a most shocking and exciting piece of information: as part of the Palm Media Sync, the Pre will sync with iTunes! Yup, it’s completely compatible with the popular Apple music player, in part allowing you to sync your iTunes library (as long as the purchased iTunes music is non-DRM, which applies to all music bought recently off iTunes- read more about it in our previous post) to your Pre as you would an iPod, whether your iTunes is on Windows or Mac. Yeah, we got a feeling Apple can’t be too pleased about this. Just check out this snapshot:

Palm Pre itunes

Palm Pre syncing with iTunes, notice it even has an iPod icon next to it in the devices list! (Pic from Engadget)

For a video of Palm’s demonstration see here, and for a full press release of the new features see here.

In other Pre news, while Sprint will be launching the phone, Verizon AND AT&T have both said they want the Pre, and are said to be getting it by the end of the year (Verizon’s CEO, for example, said that the Pre and the BlackBerry Storm 2 — which we’ll get to in another post — will be coming within 6 months!). Palm wouldn’t confirm this, as not to jeopardize their relationship with Sprint and the launch of the Pre next week, but this is definitely great news for AT&T and Verizon customers, and definitely not the news Sprint wants to be hearing right now.

Still no word on 4G on the Sprint Pre, though we should  find out though if that rumor is true when the Pre comes out next week.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? You like iTunes and Pre working together- will this sway you to get a Pre as it is now even more iPhone like? What do you think Apple’s reaction will be to all this? And with news of AT&T and Verizon getting Pre (or Pre-like devices, like the Eos rumored for AT&T), if you were leaning toward buying the Pre on Sprint are you now inclined to hold off? We are interested in your opinions, so sound off in the comments.

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  1. I am very excited about the upcoming release date….I do have one question though. I read that verizon will not be picking up the pre until after the holiday season. Do you think people will wait till then to get it, or get it now with Sprint?

  2. To me, it all depends on whether or not they’re currently happy with their wireless set-up. If they have Verizon but are not very happy about the price, etc., well then they might switch to Sprint. However, if they’re perfectly content on keeping Verizon, then they’ll probably just stay and wait until the Pre hits them.

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