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BlackBerry Tour Release Dates Leak Out– For Verizon AND Sprint (UPDATE: Confirmed by Sprint and Verizon)

BlackBerry Tour verizon

The Verizon version of  the BlackBerry Tour (Pic from Boy Genius

We really are into the new BlackBerry Tour said to be coming to Verizon and Sprint sometime over the summer, and we know a lot of you are too. Today we got some really good news for those of you interested in the Tour, and it really is awesome news.

Ok, so as we said in the title, this concerns the release dates for the next awesome BlackBerry, and as in our last post we said the news was really great for Sprint users interested in getting the new BB, this has to be a win for Verizon users. Here we go: Boy Genius Report is saying that Verizon will be getting the Tour on July 12th– only 3 weeks away! Even better for Verizon users? Just as we speculated in that previous post, the Tour is said to be coming to Verizon for the same $199 it is said to be coming to Sprint for. Definitely awesome. Speaking of Sprint, you guys also can share in the good news, as your rumored to be getting it only 8 days after your Verizon friends on July 20th.

Now, none of this is confirmed yet by either Verizon, Sprint or RIM (the makers of BlackBerry)– but the rumors  are pretty strong. So, you going to get this once it comes out?

UPDATE (7/1): Verizon has announced that they will launch the Tour on the 12th for that $199 price, and you can pre-order it now here. Sprint also has just announced on their Twitter page that they too will be launching the Tour on the 12th for $199.99.

Pre-Order Windows 7– NOW

windows 7 pre order-- amazon

As you can see from some over our previous posts (such as this first look of the new OS), we are really loving using Windows 7, and we mean REALLY lovin it. It is 1000x better than Vista (possibly more, I wanna be a little nice to Vista’s failed efforts) and is an actually usable and fast OS. It’s so good that we’re pretty certain that all or a lot of you readers out there with Windows computer (for sure ones with Vista), will probably upgrade to 7 when it comes out later this year (October 22nd as we previously wrote, is the launch date), and as we saw with Vista’s upgrade from XP, buying the new software from Microsoft is not the cheapest thing.

So that’s why we got this post for you today. Microsoft is actually charging you A LOT less if you pre-order the OS now, instead of waiting till October to upgrade. How big of a savings we talkin here? Well, the list price for Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade (the one most of you we assume will upgrade to, and just a sorta for your information, the upgrade means that it is used to install over a previous version of Windows like Vista or XP. If you want to install a full fresh copy there is also a non-upgrade version if you wanna install on a PC without a prior version of Windows, but that costs a lot more) is priced for regular retail at $119.99. Amazon, who is one of the retailers taking pre-orders now, is only charging you $49.99 (yes, $49.99 or a $70 or 58% discount off the cover price), if you pre-order it between now and July 11th. There are similar deals in place as well for the Windows 7 Professional Upgrade (a higher end version of the Home Premium with added features for business users such as being able to run XP as a free download inside 7– using similar tech that is used for running Windows and Mac side by side– something called Virtual PC. Professional is listed at retail for $199.99, but you can snag now for $99.99, or an $100 or 50% discount), and we hope this will go out to other versions like 7 Ultimate (with a couple more features than Professional such as more language support– 35 more– and better Hard Drive encryption using something call BitLocker– things you prob won’t need basically, and which currently is priced at a very expensive $219.99 for both pre-order and retail). The deal runs from now till July 11th or while supplies last, so you better hurry as a lot of people EVERYWHERE are gonna want in on this.

In my opinion, this is looking to be a steal of a deal (albeit not quite the steal Apple is charging for Snow Leopard, the next version of their very good Leopard OS. The price on that by the way is $29 when it drops in September, you can learn more on Snow Leopard in our WWDC wrap up), and we’re really hoping Microsoft just dumps the higher prices and keeps them at these discounted prices for good (as a sorta “sorry for Vista” thing).

Amazon is also not only doing this, but offering FREE release date delivery for Amazon Prime users, and free “Super Saver” shipping for those who don’t have Amazon Prime (info on Amazon Prime here). If for some reason you needed to buy Vista right now in either the Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate flavors, you could upgrade to the 7 version for only $10 when it comes out. There is though a 3 per customer limit we feel we should mention, but how many of you actually plan on buying more than 1-2 copies max?

This is an awesome deal, and you can check it all out at Amazon’s site here (where they even have some solid info on what the difference is between the versions of 7 and help for upgrading). REMEMBER: THIS DEAL ONLY RUNS TILL JULY 11TH.

Oh, and if your looking for a new computer now or sometime before 7 drops in October: like with Vista, computer makers like HP, are already beginning to roll out free upgrades to 7 with purchases, so when buying a new PC make sure to get that.

Meet the T-Mobile myTouch 3G

mytouch 3g

T-Mobile myTouch 3G (shown in white, Merlot (red) and black).

Earlier this week T-Mobile finally let out of the bag something we wrote about a while ago (think January!)– confirming the next version of the first Google Android phone– the G1– with the announcement of the myTouch 3G (some of you may know of this as the G2 or HTC Magic. HTC, who also made the G1, also make this phone). This is actually a much cooler phone that what it looked like in its apparently early stages when we first wrote about it. So buckle up T-Mobile users, and hit the more link, because a lot of awesomeness is about to come your way.

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iPhone OS 3.0– First Take

iphone os 3.0 pic 2


The new iPhone OS 3.0

Ok, as we saw from a lot of comments today, a lot of you are really pumped for iPhone OS 3.0 for the iPhone and iPod Touch that came out today. And you know us by now, we’re ones who hate to disappoint. We got 3.0 up and running (on an iPhone 3G), and we gotta say: in the first couple hours with it– it’s awesome. We got a full first take after the more link, but seeing is really believing, so go on, click here for info on how to get your iPhone update, and here for info on how to get it for the iPod Touch  (NOTE: iPod Touch owners– your gonna need to spend the $10 to upgrade– sorry to have to remind you of the bad news).

So, without further adieu, our first take on the all new iPhone OS 3.0

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Verizon and Sprint Announce the BlackBerry Tour

verizon blackberry tour sprint blackberry tour

Verizon’s and Sprint’s respective BlackBerry Tours’. (Note: click on either the Verizon or Sprint BlackBerry to go to their respective “Coming Soon” pages).

We know a lot of you are waiting for the next big BlackBerry to come to Sprint and Verizon, and that you’ve been waiting months for the BlackBerry Tour (aka, BlackBerry Niagara or 9630) to be that device. Well, then get ready, because your wait for both the Verizon AND Sprint versions are on the way and are coming this summer! How we know? Verizon, and then shortly followed by Sprint, each launched coming soon pages on their respective sites the other night (Verizon’s is here, Sprint’s is here, or just click on either the Verizon or Sprint Tour picture above)!  This is great news for everyone waiting for this, but we gotta say, the real winners right now look to be Sprint users, as it was said that Verizon was gonna get it months before Sprint, and as we can see now, Sprint’s won’t actually be that far behind (Verizon is said to get it in mid-July, or around July 15th-17th, with Sprint saying they’ll get it later this summer– so yes, technically Sprint could get it in September and Verizon get it in July, which still to carriers is summer, but the fact that both announcements are so close together we’d think otherwise. And even so, it’s much better than the usual wait periods)!

Oh, and for Sprint users the good news doesn’t end there: the price on the Tour is said to be at the not so terrible price of $199.99 on a 2 year contract and after $150 worth of mail-in and instant rebates (the price is something we assume Verizon will mimic as well, though they haven’t said anything yet about it). Oh, and Verizon’s Buy One BlackBerry Get One Free BlackBerry deal is said to be ending later this month or before the Tour drops, so there goes any hopes of getting another Tour free.

We’ve been covering this device in both our upcoming Verizon and upcoming Sprint phone posts, so you can learn more there.

In terms of concrete features, BlackBerry just released a press release officially confirming pretty much all the stuff we’ve been hearing: 3G, a SIM card slot for use overseas (with Europe 3G support), 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and video, high res 2.44 inch screen (at a resolution of 480×360 for those in need of every little detail. In simpler words– an awesome screen), GPS, BlackBerry App World, etc. Full release with all the details can be found at BlackBerry’s site here.

We’ll keep you posted on this, but enjoy your good news of the day!

Review: Nero BackItUp and Burn

Nero BackItUp

Ever have your PC break down on you and lose your files, music, movies, pix etc.? Yeah, we thought some of you out there also had that problem, and for that reason we strongly recommend buying an external hard drive (you can find them pretty much anywhere– Staples, Wal Mart, Amazon, Best Buy…) and constantly running backups to make sure you never lose your precious data or have to ever go through the struggle of trying to find and replace lost data (trust me, computers nowa-days are very much not indestructible, and I’m talkin from first hand experience as my PC that I bought just a couple of years ago recently had the hard drive go. Lemme tell you– it’s no fun).

Now getting the hard drive is just one step in backing up, the other part of it is finding good software to go along with it. Today we got a review for you of a product we’ve been testing out the last couple weeks, Nero’s BackItUp and Burn.  This software (available for Windows XP and Vista– sorry Mac users), not only give you a great suite of controls to make backing up your files easy, but also comes with Nero Express (which let’s you burn files to CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Ray disks) and Nero Rescue Agent which let’s you get files off a damaged disk (say a scratched CD which I’m sure a lot of people have) and helps you restore files.

So how did this software preform, and what are our thoughts on it? Read on for the answer.

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LG enV3 and enV Touch Get Price Cuts

lg env3 and env touch verizon

We see that a lot of you out there are really pumped about the LG enV3 and enV Touch that came out just recently for Verizon (don’t ask how we know- we have our ways).

So we thought this would be a great piece of news to kick off your weekend for prospective buyers out there: a price cut on BOTH of the phones! Yup, both phones (which haven’t even been in stores a month!)  have gotten $50 and $70 price cuts respectively, bringing them down to much, much better prices: $79.99 for the enV3 (either in maroon, or “slate blue”), and $99.99 for the enV Touch. These are said to be online-only discounts, but we wouldn’t be suprised to find the same prices in your local Verizon store.

Both phones also seem to be feeling a lot of love from the people that have already got them, as the enV3 (in both its maroon and slate blue colors) received 4.5 out of 5 stars out of 203 reviews on Verizon’s site, and the enV Touch got a whopping PERFECT 5 out of 5 stars out of 340 reviews!

You can order the enV Touch here, and the enV 3 here, and to learn all about these phones, see our previous post here.

This makes picking one of them even tougher, yeah? So which would you choose of these, or perhaps another, like the LG Versa or Samsung Alias 2, or are you gonna wait it out another 2 weeks to see if it drops another $50?

Are YOU Ready for the Digital TV Transition?

dtv transition

Today is June 12th, which means if you don’t have cable or satellite TV, or a digital converter box, then you probably aren’t getting TV anymore.

Why? Well if you haven’t seen the news recently (or any of the many ads about it both on TV and online), the TV signals will be switching to digital tomorrow from analog, as per a law passed by the government. The reason for the law? Its benefits will very soon be amazing. See, the analog TV previously used till now for the air stations like CBS, NBC, FOX, etc. (stations you can get with an antenna for instance, which are free “over the air”), use something called the 700 MHz spectrum. Basically, the government wanted to clear up this spectrum for a number of reasons, but the most relevant one to you is: Verizon and AT&T will use this for their 4G networks. Not only does this rake in a whole lot of cash –over $1 BILLION! — for the government, but it will allow for plenty of air for Verizon and AT&T to begin their intended rollouts of  their 4G networks later this year and early next year, respectively. Both of their upcoming 4G networks should be INSANELY FAST but we’ll cover 4G networks later in another post.

So what can you do now to adapt to this new transition to digital? For one, you can always use this as an excuse to jump to cable or satellite, and get yourself a boatload of extra channels as I’m sure your well aware of (yeah, we thought you’d want that as your first choice). You can also order a $40 coupon the government is giving out to purchase a converter box to attach to your antenna and TV, which will essentially give you all your current, standard, “over the air” channels in a much better digital, near HD picture. You can read about the transition and order the coupon here, which will arrive in a couple days (I ordered mine about a week ago and got it Wednesday). You can then buy the converter box at a bunch of places, including Best Buy, CVS and Radio Shack among many.

So there you got it. Now go out there and get your converter box, and let us what you think of this new “digital TV revolution”: you getting better picture and sound, exicted for the future 4G networks coming because of this transition?

Apple’s WWDC: All the Exciting New Products and Updates

apple wwdc 2009

So yesterday was Apple’s WWDC conference, and like all major Apple events, quite a show was put on. A whole bunch of new info and products were announced today (here’s a hint on one new product shown off– a NEW iPHONE!). But not only that (the iPhone 3G S to be more specific), Apple also released Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard,” MacBook Updates, and iPhone OS 3.0.

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Apple's WWDC: All the Exciting New Products and Updates

apple wwdc 2009

So yesterday was Apple’s WWDC conference, and like all major Apple events, quite a show was put on. A whole bunch of new info and products were announced today (here’s a hint on one new product shown off– a NEW iPHONE!). But not only that (the iPhone 3G S to be more specific), Apple also released Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard,” MacBook Updates, and iPhone OS 3.0.

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