LG enV3 and enV Touch Get Price Cuts

lg env3 and env touch verizon

We see that a lot of you out there are really pumped about the LG enV3 and enV Touch that came out just recently for Verizon (don’t ask how we know- we have our ways).

So we thought this would be a great piece of news to kick off your weekend for prospective buyers out there: a price cut on BOTH of the phones! Yup, both phones (which haven’t even been in stores a month!)  have gotten $50 and $70 price cuts respectively, bringing them down to much, much better prices: $79.99 for the enV3 (either in maroon, or “slate blue”), and $99.99 for the enV Touch. These are said to be online-only discounts, but we wouldn’t be suprised to find the same prices in your local Verizon store.

Both phones also seem to be feeling a lot of love from the people that have already got them, as the enV3 (in both its maroon and slate blue colors) received 4.5 out of 5 stars out of 203 reviews on Verizon’s site, and the enV Touch got a whopping PERFECT 5 out of 5 stars out of 340 reviews!

You can order the enV Touch here, and the enV 3 here, and to learn all about these phones, see our previous post here.

This makes picking one of them even tougher, yeah? So which would you choose of these, or perhaps another, like the LG Versa or Samsung Alias 2, or are you gonna wait it out another 2 weeks to see if it drops another $50?

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  1. Of course I just bought it a few days before the discount….

    Still, the ENV Touch is an amazing phone that I highly recommend.

  2. ahhh i dont know which phone to get the both look so cool….. my friends ave the LG EnV3 and they all say it is great, but my cousins all say i should get the LG EnV Touch…. Which should i get????????? please help

  3. hi my name is alliyah i need help i dnt knw which one tu choose i really think the lgenv3 is the one for me if u have any comments hit me up at alliyahspencer@yahoo.com and also my birthday is coming up and mom says i cant get it till i am 13 of age which is this year so hit me up with comments.

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