Verizon and Sprint Announce the BlackBerry Tour

verizon blackberry tour sprint blackberry tour

Verizon’s and Sprint’s respective BlackBerry Tours’. (Note: click on either the Verizon or Sprint BlackBerry to go to their respective “Coming Soon” pages).

We know a lot of you are waiting for the next big BlackBerry to come to Sprint and Verizon, and that you’ve been waiting months for the BlackBerry Tour (aka, BlackBerry Niagara or 9630) to be that device. Well, then get ready, because your wait for both the Verizon AND Sprint versions are on the way and are coming this summer! How we know? Verizon, and then shortly followed by Sprint, each launched coming soon pages on their respective sites the other night (Verizon’s is here, Sprint’s is here, or just click on either the Verizon or Sprint Tour picture above)!  This is great news for everyone waiting for this, but we gotta say, the real winners right now look to be Sprint users, as it was said that Verizon was gonna get it months before Sprint, and as we can see now, Sprint’s won’t actually be that far behind (Verizon is said to get it in mid-July, or around July 15th-17th, with Sprint saying they’ll get it later this summer– so yes, technically Sprint could get it in September and Verizon get it in July, which still to carriers is summer, but the fact that both announcements are so close together we’d think otherwise. And even so, it’s much better than the usual wait periods)!

Oh, and for Sprint users the good news doesn’t end there: the price on the Tour is said to be at the not so terrible price of $199.99 on a 2 year contract and after $150 worth of mail-in and instant rebates (the price is something we assume Verizon will mimic as well, though they haven’t said anything yet about it). Oh, and Verizon’s Buy One BlackBerry Get One Free BlackBerry deal is said to be ending later this month or before the Tour drops, so there goes any hopes of getting another Tour free.

We’ve been covering this device in both our upcoming Verizon and upcoming Sprint phone posts, so you can learn more there.

In terms of concrete features, BlackBerry just released a press release officially confirming pretty much all the stuff we’ve been hearing: 3G, a SIM card slot for use overseas (with Europe 3G support), 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and video, high res 2.44 inch screen (at a resolution of 480×360 for those in need of every little detail. In simpler words– an awesome screen), GPS, BlackBerry App World, etc. Full release with all the details can be found at BlackBerry’s site here.

We’ll keep you posted on this, but enjoy your good news of the day!

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  1. Sprint needs to be more aggressive in releasing new phones consecutively.

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