BlackBerry Tour Release Dates Leak Out– For Verizon AND Sprint (UPDATE: Confirmed by Sprint and Verizon)

BlackBerry Tour verizon

The Verizon version of  the BlackBerry Tour (Pic from Boy Genius

We really are into the new BlackBerry Tour said to be coming to Verizon and Sprint sometime over the summer, and we know a lot of you are too. Today we got some really good news for those of you interested in the Tour, and it really is awesome news.

Ok, so as we said in the title, this concerns the release dates for the next awesome BlackBerry, and as in our last post we said the news was really great for Sprint users interested in getting the new BB, this has to be a win for Verizon users. Here we go: Boy Genius Report is saying that Verizon will be getting the Tour on July 12th– only 3 weeks away! Even better for Verizon users? Just as we speculated in that previous post, the Tour is said to be coming to Verizon for the same $199 it is said to be coming to Sprint for. Definitely awesome. Speaking of Sprint, you guys also can share in the good news, as your rumored to be getting it only 8 days after your Verizon friends on July 20th.

Now, none of this is confirmed yet by either Verizon, Sprint or RIM (the makers of BlackBerry)– but the rumors  are pretty strong. So, you going to get this once it comes out?

UPDATE (7/1): Verizon has announced that they will launch the Tour on the 12th for that $199 price, and you can pre-order it now here. Sprint also has just announced on their Twitter page that they too will be launching the Tour on the 12th for $199.99.

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