Firefox 3.5 Out– All the Info You Need and First Take

firefox 3.5

So, you like using Firefox 3 as your browser of choice over other options such as Safari 4, Opera 9, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 8? Hey, that’s not a bad thing at all and Firefox 3 is my proud browser of choice (I like it a WHOLE lot better than IE8, Safari 4 and Chrome– and I never really got into Opera). I really love its simplicity and speed, and today Mozilla, the guys behind Firefox, today have officially released the next version of Firefox 3– nicely named Firefox 3.5.

For all the info on what’s new in 3.5 and for a little first take, hit the more link.

Ok, so what’s new in Firefox 3.5? Well, honestly, not a whole lot in the amazing new features department, more refinements on the existing Firefox 3 software. For example, it is said to be 2x the speed of Firefox 3– already considered by many as one of the fastest, if not THE fastest, browsers out there. Not only does Mozilla say it’s faster, but they say it uses less of your computers resources like memory– which you may not immediately notice depending on the specs of your computer–  this is definitely a nice update in my opinion. There also is the “Private Browsing” feature similar to those found in the on the other browsers, which I find ideal for use on public computers as it saves none of the things you did– such as what sites you went to, or the things you entered on sites like your username and password for sites like your email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

That’s just a very brief rundown of some of the bigger things in the update. For a video preview of the new things in Firefox 3.5, see this video here.

I’m actually writing this post using Firefox 3.5, so lemme give you a little first take on it as well.

The download and install took maybe 3 minutes total, probably less (I didn’t time it), and this was on a not “blazing fast” internet connection (the file itself is a tiny 7.7 MB so it should download pretty fast anywhere you have an ok connection). I do notice a slight improvement in speed when viewing multiple sites like ESPN, Facebook and of course TeenTechBlog, as well as other sites at the same time (ESPN is a site that used to actually give me some problems as it is one of the more intense sites design wise because of all the videos and moving objects on the page– the fact that it loads well now in 3.5, especially with other tabs open, is a very good sign to me). The “Private Browsing” feature is a nice add in, and works like regular Firefox. I do though wish they implemented a feature of “Top Sites”, or a tabbed list of your most frequented sites, when opening new tabs like in Chrome and Safari.

Overall though, a nice update and you should definitely try it for yourself. You can download Firefox 3.5 for Windows XP, Vista (which I tested it on), Linux and Mac OS X for free at Mozilla’s site here.

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