Is this the Samsung Glyde 2?

samsung glyde 2samsung impression

A rumored pic of the Samsung Glyde 2 (pic from HowardForums, click on pic for bigger version), next to it is a pic of AT&T’s already released Samsung Impression for comparison purposes (you gotta admit, they look a lot like)

We all know the first Samsung Glyde for Verizon had its ups and downs (looked really cool, but originally the touchscreen stunk, and was so bad that they had to actually recall all the phones to fix it….), but now pix are popping up of a new  Samsung Glyde 2, and boy does this look to not just fix everything possibly wrong in the first one, but actually do even more!

Right now all we got are a couple of pix (like the one you see above), but the phone itself to me looks like a sleeker, Verizon version of AT&T’s very good Samsung Impression (which I have actually seen in person and played with for a couple of minutes– the screen and keyboard on it are AMAZING!), and that is definitely a very good thing.

As I said, we don’t know much yet specs wise but we can safely assume this will be touchscreen (my guess on screen size is somewhere near the Impression’s 3 inches– though that is just my guess, and seeing as this is a rumor, isn’t confirmed anywhere), possibly an AMOLED screen like the Impression (again, just a guess, but could very well be as Samsung has been very big on this tech lately. Oh, and in simple terms– this means an AMAZING screen that is up there with the iPhone and Pre’s), Verizon  3G and Samsung’s TouchWiz interface (both of which we can tell from the pix. And the TouchWiz interface is basically a bunch of cool widgets you can place on your homescreen, it’s definitely nice to have and sure beats Verizon’s standard UI on the homescreen). There also looks to be some sensors like a light sensor by the Verizon logo, which also is a nice touch (though what exactly are the sensors we don’t yet know), and the keyboard looks to be easier to use than the very hard keyed keyboard on the first Glyde.

We’ll of course keep you updated on this, but even if the specs are close to what we guessing, then this is looking like another winner for you Verizon users out there.

And we now gotta ask, if your looking for a new phone for Verizon over the next couple of months, what ya gonna get– this (basing on the rumored specs and assuming it gets released soon– like in the next couple of months), the BlackBerry Tour, the enV Touch or the enV3? Or are you gonna look for something different entirely? We’re all ears so sound off in the comments.

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