Madden NFL 10: All the Info You Need to Know (for Xbox 360/ PS3 Versions)

madden 10 cover

It’s July 22nd, and the next version of the awesome Madden franchise — Madden NFL 10 — is expected to drop in about 3 weeks (August 14th). Therefore, you Madden fans out there are begging for the newest features absent from its predeccesor, Madden 09. (However, if your are a true Madden die-hard as I am, you’ll be running home with the latest version anyway). To settle your anticipation, we present to you not the minor updates for basics and rosters, but some of the major updates for the Xbox 360 and PS3 models (updates for the PSP/PS2 and the DS/Wii versions will be posted in the next few days): new cameras, customizable gameplay, Pro-Talk, updates in both gameplay graphics and online play. Curious for more? Go for it– no extra charge.

Unlike 2009’s Madden’s more noticible updates (like the new Madden IQ, better commentary etc., as covered in our review here), Madden 10’s are more “under the hood” updates.

  • New cameras– A further improvement on Madden 09’s presentation, it promises even more realistic TV-like presentation.

madden 10 pic 1

A clip from the new Madden 10 cameras

  • Customizable Gameplay– A new play-calling system that should make games go even faster.
  • Pro-Tak– As we said in the intro, a lot of the updates this year are under the hood, improving the general play of Madden and making it feel even more like a real NFL game. Pro-Talk is one of those updates: it allows you to fight at the bottom of the pile for a fumble, or drag defenders toward the first down marker etc. Basically, a greatly appreciated aspect that is sure to please every football fan.

madden 10 pic 2

Moving the pile in Madden 10

  • Update Graphics in Gameplay— Ok, so you got Pro-Talk giving you new actual features to use in the games, now what about better graphics? Don’t worry, EA has you covered here as well, improving graphics especially regarding the“non-playable” elements of the game: refs pull guys off piles, the chain guys run out and actually measure for the first-down, the sophisticated and plentiful equipment on the field appears like Sunday Football. Surely, the realism attempted here is greatly appreciated by all of us football nuts.
  • Updates to online play
  1. “co-op” mode, where you and a friend take on the world
  2. Online franchises where you and your friends can make leagues and play your own seasons online (definitely awesome)
  3. An online network style news show called “Extra Point” which is run like ESPN’s NFL Live, recapping all the news going on around your league every week. This also is awesome.

So that’s the updates to Madden 10 for the 360 and PS3 versions. Over the next couple of days we’ll cover the PSP/PS2 version as well as the DS/Wii versions, but in the meantime– what do you think of the new game and, if you’re a 360 or PS3 owner, are you gonna go pick it up on August 14th (Me? As a 360 owner and NFL die hard fan, I’m looking forward to picking this up on the 14th, but honestly, I can’t wait to see what happens in Madden 11 with Project Natal!)? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Info and pix from EA Sport’s Madden site.

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  1. its pro-tak by the way

  2. Thanks for pointing this out anonymous.

    The post is now updated to reflect this. Wrote this very late at night and must have miss read it : )

  3. My second comment here, nice post again.

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