Meet Samsung's Eco-Friendly Reclaim (Formerly Chianti) for Sprint

Samsung Reclaim Blue closed

Samsung Reclaim– closed and in “Ocean Blue”

Remember that Samsung Chianti we wrote about a while ago in our upcoming Sprint phones post? You know, basically a Sprint version of AT&T’s Samsung Propel? Well, this sweet upcoming texting phone has finally become official today– with final specs, a new name (come on, Chianti couldn’t have been the final name), and even a release date. We know a lot of you are interested in this phone so go on; all the info is after the more link.

Ok, so let’s start with the new name– as you can see from the title, the Chianti is said to now be going by the name Reclaim, which in my opinion definitely sounds much better than Chianti. Now let”s go to the specs, with the big new thing is definitely the environmentally friendly casing: a corn based bio-plastic material (weird sounding I know, but looks fine from the pics and automatic added hipness for it’s environmentalism). Other than the new casing:

  • Thin Design with Full slide out QWERTY keyboard— Great for texting
  • Sprint 3G
  • 2 megapixel camera with video recording
  • Music and Video players and microSD card slot for adding memory (up to 32 GB)
  • GPS— with Sprint Navigation
  • Sprint One Click UI— This is Sprint’s customizable UI for their non-smartphones, giving you “one click” (no pun intended) access to things like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and MySpace.

That’s not all Sprint is doing here though. They also are giving $2 from every purchase to Nature Conservancy’s Adopt an Acre program, which “supports land conservation across the United States and protects some of the world’s most beautiful and important natural habitats”– definitely another good reason to check out this phone. The Reclaim also comes in eco-friendly packaging which is 70% recycled paper. Definitely a really nice move on Sprint and Samsung’s parts, and something we hope will extend to other carriers future phones as well.

The phone itself is also really cheap– costing only $50 on a new 2 year contract when it comes out on August 16th in either “Ocean Blue” (seen above) or “Earth Green” (seen below).

Samsung Reclaim Green open

Samsung Reclaim in “Earth Green”

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