Xbox 360 Getting a Price Cut Too? (Update– It’s Offical)

target xbox 360 price cut

Xbox 360’s Price Cut in Target flier (Pic from Engadget)

Well, well look what we have here. Another Xbox 360 price cut, this time to match the PS3 Slim’s new low price? If these upcoming weekend fliers for Best Buy and Target are to be believed, then don’t run out to buy that new PS3 Slim or Xbox 360 yet. Microsoft is about to drop the Xbox 360 Elite‘s price down to that same $299 the PS3 Slim is going for. Yup, $100 price drop, and definitely worthy of a week’s wait before buying in my opinion. Now what about the Xbox 360 Pro that’s right now priced at $299? Well, according to these fliers, that will be dropped to $249, but only while supplies last as rumors around the web are saying that Microsoft is about to drop the Pro from the lineup entirely (and leaked new boxes for the Elite and Arcade are only now showing the $200 Arcade version and the Elite on the back of the box, with no Pro in the middle– this helped fuel those rumors of Microsoft cutting the Pro).

Now Microsoft hasn’t confirmed any of this yet, but I sure believe this is real. Why? It only makes sense. Microsoft isn’t about to let the PS3 be the cheapest of the 120 GB consoles, especially with the holiday season starting in a couple of months. And the pix of the flyers also look real (seriously, these look like cellphone shots taken quickly). So what’ll it be– Xbox 360 Elite or PS3 Slim for your $299?

Pix of the Best Buy flyer and of the new Arcade back of box after the more link.

UPDATE: Yup, Microsoft came out today and officially said that starting tomorrow, they will cut the price of the Elite to $299, while the Pro is dropped to $249 while supplies last as they kill off remaining stock. Microsoft also reiterated that the Arcade will remain $199 and that all Xbox 360 consoles bought will work with the upcoming Project Natal. Full press release can be found here.

xbox 360 elite box

New box for Xbox 360 Arcade (Pic from Engadget)

best buy xbox 360 price cut

Best Buy’s upcoming weekend ad (Pic from Kotaku)

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  1. This is gonna be an awesome competition between Microsoft and Sony. It’s a good thing they won’t let Sony take the lead when it comes to console. Once Project Natal is launched, Sony will for sure come up with something to beat this. Before Aion Online is launched, I need to make up my mind which console I will buy XD

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