New Samsung Dash Info Leaks Out– Hello Instinct HD!

samsung instinct hd

A pic of the Samsung Instinct HD courtesy of Best Buy (you can even see they have cases ready for it. Click on the pic to see the ad on Best Buy’s site)

Remember a few months back we wrote a post on 6 upcoming Sprint phones, and mentioned a sick successor to the Instinct called the Samsung Dash? A lot of you were, and still are, very interested in the fate of that phone (like we know a lot of people were into the recently released Samsung Reclaim— we’re cool like that), and today we got for you, more or less, a confirmation that the phone is indeed coming to Sprint AND is coming in the not too distant future.

You see, Best Buy posted their “Weekly Ad” on their site this week (I guess like they usually do), and just so happened to be a little too trigger happy with news on this new Instinct, the Samsung Instinct HD, mentioning it in their September Mobile Phone Buyer’s Guide. As you can tell– this obviously is a little bit of a problem as Sprint hasn’t yet come out and announced the new Instinct (though we’re guessing now that their gonna be making an announcement really soon), and Best Buy clearly looks to have spilled the beans on what looks to be an awesome new Sprint phone. But hey, their loss our gain– we now got some solid info on this bad boy.

Here’s what Best Buy confirmed:

  • 3.2 inch screen (which we guess will look amazing)
  • 5 megapixel camera with flash and video recording with TV Out ability– so you can hook this up to your HDTV and share your pix and videos with friends and family in HD
  • WiFi– it’s about time the Instinct got this
  • Visual Voicemail, GPS, instant access to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace
  • a new IM app and an added tab on the bottom called “My Stuff” with a little briefcase over it– we concluded that from the clear picture of the Instinct HD but no info is given on these aspects

Sadly, we also don’t have a price or release date either (Best Buy only lists it as “Coming Soon”), but this ad’s offers only run till September 26th, so all the official info from Sprint should be out any minute now– which we’ll of course keep you updated on.

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  1. Wow so many features cool!

  2. Eli,

    So then what happens to the Instinct Q? Are they postponing that release?

  3. Hey Jacqueline,

    I haven’t heard anything new or different on the Instinct Q recently, so my guess is that it is still on track to come out on or around the time Sprint’s other Android phone, the HTC Hero, comes out on October 11th.

    When we hear more we’ll make sure to spread the news.


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