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Live From IDF: Hands on with the Archos 9 Windows 7 Tablet

archos pic 1

The Archos 9 Windows 7 Tablet

For what seems like forever, there’s been talk of Apple making an all touchscreen tablet for the Mac. Now see, if you’re a Windows user (even though now there is talk of Microsoft making their own tablet…. but we’ll cover that another time), you can pretty much point and laugh at every Apple “fanboy” who freaks out with each Apple event and rumor hoping for said inevitable tablet—as thanks to Archos, you got a real, and really nice looking Windows tablet that’s ready to make full use of the upcoming Windows 7’s improved touch features.

archos pic 2

Playing Hearts with your fingers!

At IDF, we made sure to stop by Archos’s booth and check out the Archos 9 for ourselves, and we came away pretty impressed. The Archos 9 tablet looks great and is insanely thin and light that taking it around wherever you go should be a breeze.

Archos did though do a couple things interesting with the tablet—for one, it doesn’t use a capacitive, more finger friendly touchscreen like those on the iPhone and iPod touch, instead going with a surprisingly very responsive resistive touchscreen (usually with resistive screens they only work well if you use a stylus or pen like object to tap the screen– but if we hadn’t known before that this was resistive we would have definitely thought it was a capacitive screen. That’s how good it is with just using your fingers! Though that lack of a capacitive screen also means no gestures like “pinch to zoom” etc). It also has a lot of the netbook type specs like 9 inch touchscreen, 1 GB RAM, 1.2 GHZ Intel Atom processor, 1.3 megapixel webcam, Bluetooth, 60-120 GB hard drive…, but all this isn’t a terrible thing, as Archos is planning to sell this at a very solid price of $499 when it launches with Windows 7 on October 22nd.

Oh, and if your worried about using an all touchscreen device like this to write long reports or take notes in school, don’t be. Archos plans to be selling a very thin wireless Bluetooth keyboard along with the Archos, which also is pretty solid and will definitely make things a whole lot easier.

archos pic 3

For more info on the Archos 9, see Archos’s site here.

Live From IDF: Dell Teases New Ultrathin Latitude Z series

Dell Latitude z Pic 1

Ok, file this into the “what in the world?” category, as Dell decided to show off—albeit in a glass box nobody could touch– their all new Latitude Z series 16 inch laptop. So you may be thinking right now “Alright Eli, so why should we possibly put this in the “what in the world?” category?” Well astute reader, I answer you with a couple of pictures:


Dell latitude z 2

Dell Latitude z pic 4

Yeah, this ain’t a bad “what in the world?” but rather a good and excited one. As you can see, this is no ordinary 16 inch laptop, seriously how in the world did they possibly make it that thin! No real news is out on this guy yet (though it’s rumored to charge WIRELESSLY!!!! Kinda like the Palm Pre and it’s Touchstone dock), and we’ll make sure to pass along info on this once Dell makes it official in, as the Dell rep told me “in the coming days!”

iPhone MMS Finally Live!!!

mms iphone 2

Sending a video– now finally do-able on the iPhone 3G and 3GS

Well, today is September 25th, and if your an AT&T iPhone 3G or 3GS owner you know what that means– we finally get to send pictures, audio and videos from our iPhones (as commenter me pointed out– 3GS only can do video, 3G can only do audio and pix)!!! Yes, something a phone from like 5 years ago could do we can now do!!!

All right, that’s enough excitement. The update is live now and to get it you need to connect your iPhone 3G or 3GS to iTunes, click on “Check for Update” on the iTunes iPhone page, and then download the carrier update. After that, restart your phone (either by turning it on and off or holding down the home and power button for about 10 seconds which restarts it automatically) and then poof– your ready to MMS away. That’s it. Pretty simple, no?

So there you go– MMS on the iPhone is finally here. Sound off with how the update is going for you and how you like the “new” feature in the comments.

Wii Offically Getting a Price Drop– Decision for What System to Get Just Got A LOT Harder


Leaked Best Buy memo (Pic from Engadget)

So first Sony introduced the new PS3 Slim and cut the PS3 price down to $299. Then a couple of days later Microsoft came out and made the long rumored price cut on the Xbox 360 Elite, bringing that also down to $299. Nintendo meanwhile, as we all know, has been a little too quiet when it came to making a price cut on the Wii. And who could blame them– Wii’s are great and have been selling through the roof since it first came out a couple years back (think about it– remember last year holiday time– know of anywhere you could find a Wii in a store?).

Well, if you’ve been waiting on getting a new video game system to replace that old Xbox or looking to move to the next gen from your PS2, then listen up as the Wii just got to be a whole lot better option. Why? Because starting this Sunday, September 27th, look for the Wii to be priced at the amazing price of $199.99. Yes, $199.99!

That’s the same price as the Xbox 360 Arcade, and should definitely help Nintendo move a lot more Wii’s come holiday time. Of course, now, as mentioned in the title, comes the tougher part if you are looking for a new system– if price is a major factor (and let’s be honest here– $100 between a Wii and PS3 Slim or Xbox 360 Elite is real money– especially when your gonna wanna go get more controllers, accessories and games…).

I personally love my Xbox 360 which I’ve had for about 2 years. Yes, it broke down once with that cursed “red ring of death” (where your Xbox just dies and you need to send back to Microsoft to replace– a process that left me Xbox-less for about 2 months. Though the new Xbox 360’s don’t seem to be getting this problem as much, and mine has been running great since I got it fixed early last year), and playing games like NBA 2k9, Halo, and Madden in HD is amazing, and something you can’t do on a Wii.

The PS3 also though looks great and adds in things like built in WiFi (add on for the 360, though built into the Wii), Blu-Ray, and the free Playstation Network online gaming– while Xbox Live costs $50 a year, though Live does give off a much better experience in my opinion. And then of course you got this low priced Wii– with those great Wiimotes and fun gameplay, as well as a free web browser (like the PS3), WiFi, and free online play.

It’s definitely gonna be interesting, and we wanna know what you think is the best system to buy this year (taking into account that come next year the Xbox 360 will have Project Natal and the PS3 will have 3D and motion controls of it’s own). So….. vote in our cool little poll here and feel free to drop off your questions or thoughts on which system you’ll get/like to get in the comments.

Live From IDF: Hands On with the Intel Classmate PC

Classmate Tablet PC Intel Reg Laptop Style Classmate PC

The Intel Classmate Tablet PC and regular laptop style Classmate PC

So taking a regular laptop or netbook to school is great (I love using my HP Mini netbook everyday — so much easier to take around school), but sometimes you want something a little more durable, or maybe something that gives you the ability to use a touchscreen and “write notes” (or doodle). Intel, not usually known for designing whole computers themselves, actually has designed a small tablet like PC that lets you do just that– full keyboard to take notes, or twist the screen and just write on the touchscreen, and even a bigger more traditional netbook style Classmate if you want all the ruggedness without the touchscreen.

Here at IDF we got to spend a couple of minutes with the Classmate, and overall, were very impressed and found the Classmate to be a very cool idea. Pix and full details after the break.

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Review: G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra (Xbox 360)

gi joe xbox 360 cover

Recently we had the chance to review G.I Joe the Rise of Cobra video game for Xbox 360. Our thoughts? In short, it’s a solid game if you’re a fan of the series in general, but its definitely not the Call of Duty or Halo experience, if that’s what you’re looking for. Read on for the full review.

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T-Mobile and Motorola Bring the Android Heat: the Motorola Cliq

motorola cliq 3

The Motorola Cliq

We all know of T-Mobile’s love of all things Android (I mean, they were the first to launch a device with the software– and currently sell the only 2 phones in the US with it, the G1 and myTouch 3G), so it’s not much of a big surprise when this past week they teamed up with Motorola to launch Motorola’s first Android phone– the Motorola Cliq. Think of this as a G1 and myTouch 3G mix, just one that looks and promises to be much better. What are we talking about here? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

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Verizon Unleashes the Samsung Rogue and Intensity


We’ve been expecting this to come official for a while now (since a little over 2 months ago when we first about it), and today finally made it official by announcing and releasing the Samsung Rogue– or as we like to call it, the Glyde 2. But that’s not all Verizon and Samsung had in store for today– they also released a new cheap, slide out full keyboard phone called the Samsung Intensity. Want to know all about these 2 new Verizon phones? Read on.

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First Look: Sprint MiFi 2200

Sprint MiFi pic 1

The Sprint MiFi 2200

A little while back Sprint (and Verizon) each released a personal, portable WiFi hotspot called the MiFi 2200. The MiFi 2200, made by Novatel Wireless, takes a carrier’s 3G network and lets you use it as a WiFi hotspot where up to 5 WiFi devices can connect simultaneously. Recently we got our hands on one for a little bit, so we knew after testing it out we need to report about it back here. Check out our full first take after the break.

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PS3 Going 3D Next Year!

sony ps3 3d 1

MLB The Show– IN 3D!!! (pic from CNET)

Natal who? If your a PS3 owner this has got to be awesome news that is sure to make your Labor Day weekend. Sony said today that come sometime next year, the PS3 will be receiving a ? software update: play games in 3D. While it the Sony’s demo used the PS3 Slim, presumably the 3D support would include all PS3 models (they have nearly identical specifications). Better yet, its said that all existing PS3 games will take full use of the PS3’s new 3D playing capabilities. AWESOME!

However, you will need a new 3D-capable TV to play the PS3 games in 3D, but don’t worry: this is all part of Sony’s new mission to bring 3D to the home– with new Bravia LCD TV’s, Vaio PC’s, Blu-ray players, and CyberShot digital cameras all said to be going 3D next year. Yeah, pretty awesome. You’ll also need to wear some 3D glasses, though their design is unknown for now.

Engadget has the full scoop with some video of the PS3 playing Wipeout HD in 3D on a software updated PS3 Slim. But wow, 3D PS3 or an Xbox 360 with Project Natal? The decision just got a whole lot tougher, but which one would you go with?

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