Verizon Unleashes the Samsung Rogue and Intensity


We’ve been expecting this to come official for a while now (since a little over 2 months ago when we first about it), and today finally made it official by announcing and releasing the Samsung Rogue– or as we like to call it, the Glyde 2. But that’s not all Verizon and Samsung had in store for today– they also released a new cheap, slide out full keyboard phone called the Samsung Intensity. Want to know all about these 2 new Verizon phones? Read on.

Ok, we’ll start with the bigger player of the 2– the Samsung Rogue.

samsung rogue

Verizon’s all new Samsung Rogue

The reason we called it the Glyde 2, is well, because it looks EXACTLY like we’d think a new Glyde would look. And thankfully, this also looks to be a Glyde that is a great phone from the start– something the Glyde definitely wasn’t with it’s horrible screen issues. Ok, specs time:

  • Thin design with 3.1-inch AMOLED display and full slide out QWERTY keyboard— This should not only fit great in your pocket, but should be great for pretty much anything else you do with it– text, view videos, pix or the web– thanks to it’s great AMOLED screen. This is the same awesome screen found on AT&T’s Samsung Impression, and from the brief couple of minutes I’ve used that phone I can tell you right now: this should in no way remind you of the Glyde when you look and use this screen, it should actually work.
  • Verizon 3G— With the usual V Cast services like V Cast Music with Rhapsody, V Cast Video….
  • Samsung’s TouchWiz UI with speical new social networking widgets— The Rogue, like pretty much all other Samsung touchscreen phones, also has Samsung’s mobile widgets, aka TouchWiz, interface which is great. Not only do you access to the standard widgets– like a calendar, Mp3 player, birthday reminder etc., but you also get one touch access to sites like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Not bad at all.
  • 3 Megapixel Camera with Flash and video— You also can do a little bitt of on-board editing if your into that sorta thing.
  • Mp3 player with microSD card slot of up to 16 GB
  • GPS with VZ Navigator
  • Full web browser

All in all, another very solid phone for Verizon that should be something to consider if your looking for a new phone anytime soon.

The Rogue is out now for a not too bad $99.99 with a new 2 year contract from Verizon’s site.

Now let’s move to the simple phone of the 2– the Samsung Intensity.

Samsung Intensity

The Samsung Intensity

This phone is pretty for those who want a full keyboard for texting and nothing else. It’s very basic and simple, so much so that I’m not gonna go into a whole bullet listing of the specs. Here’s what your getting: Thin design regular phone keypad and a slide out QWERTY keyboard– kinda looks like an enV, though more like the first enV than the enV 2 or 3. Mp3 player with V Cast Music with Rhapsody sync, VZ Navigator with GPS, and a 1.3 megapixel camera with “night shot.”

No 3G or video recording here (why there isnt 3G I have no idea– I mean seriously, it’s 2009 almost 2010!), but hey, it comes in either Grey or “Flamingo Red” for a very cheap price of only $29.99 for the Grey version and  for the perfect price of free for the Flamingo Red version when you buy it with a new 2 year contract (if your into the Grey, don’t worry, I’d think Verizon would level out the pricing and make that one free as well very soon).

So there you have it– 2 new Verizon phones that don’t look at all too bad. I’m really liking the Rogue, and if I were getting a new Verizon phone anytime soon, I’d definitely look at that,  the LG enV Touch and Samsung Alias 2 and the LG enV3. And if I was on a very tight budget for my new phone, I would for sure be at least taking a look at either the Intensity or the LG enV2– which is also only $29.99 right now.

But hey, this isn’t bout me– I’m not even on Verizon after all– which phone would you get if your a Verizon subscriber looking for a new phone? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Of course it’s gonna be the Samsung Rogue. That’s what I chose. Except when I wanted to buy the phone, Verizon forced me to buy the data plan which would cost me and extra $9.99/month. I know the internet is getting big on cell phones but I don’t need the internet on my cell phone and I just want the regular messaging plan. Why wont Verizon just give me what I want? Why are they focing me me to pay them for this plan that I don’t want? Im the customer, I should be able to buy the phone and plan I want.

  2. dumb thing ..dont buy it mines broke after 2 months

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