Wii Offically Getting a Price Drop– Decision for What System to Get Just Got A LOT Harder


Leaked Best Buy memo (Pic from Engadget)

So first Sony introduced the new PS3 Slim and cut the PS3 price down to $299. Then a couple of days later Microsoft came out and made the long rumored price cut on the Xbox 360 Elite, bringing that also down to $299. Nintendo meanwhile, as we all know, has been a littleĀ too quiet when it came to making a price cut on the Wii. And who could blame them– Wii’s are great and have been selling through the roof since it first came out a couple years back (think about it– remember last year holiday time– know of anywhere you could find a Wii in a store?).

Well, if you’ve been waiting on getting a new video game system to replace that old Xbox or looking to move to the next gen from your PS2, then listen up as the Wii just got to be a whole lot better option. Why? Because starting this Sunday, September 27th, look for the Wii to be priced at the amazing price of $199.99. Yes, $199.99!

That’s the same price as the Xbox 360 Arcade, and should definitely help Nintendo move a lot more Wii’s come holiday time. Of course, now, as mentioned in the title, comes the tougher part if you are looking for a new system– if price is a major factor (and let’s be honest here– $100 between a Wii and PS3 Slim or Xbox 360 Elite is real money– especially when your gonna wanna go get more controllers, accessories and games…).

I personally love my Xbox 360 which I’ve had for about 2 years. Yes, it broke down once with that cursed “red ring of death” (where your Xbox just dies and you need to send back to Microsoft to replace– a process that left me Xbox-less for about 2 months. Though the new Xbox 360’s don’t seem to be getting this problem as much, and mine has been running great since I got it fixed early last year), and playing games like NBA 2k9, Halo, and Madden in HD is amazing, and something you can’t do on a Wii.

The PS3 also though looks great and adds in things like built in WiFi (add on for the 360, though built into the Wii), Blu-Ray, and the free Playstation Network online gaming– while Xbox Live costs $50 a year, though Live does give off a much better experience in my opinion. And then of course you got this low priced Wii– with those great Wiimotes and fun gameplay, as well as a free web browser (like the PS3), WiFi, and free online play.

It’s definitely gonna be interesting, and we wanna know what you think is the best system to buy this year (taking into account that come next year the Xbox 360 will have Project Natal and the PS3 will have 3D and motion controls of it’s own). So….. vote in our cool little poll here and feel free to drop off your questions or thoughts on which system you’ll get/like to get in the comments.

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