Verizon BlackBerry Storm 2 Reviews Leak Out… Launch Coming Soon? (UPDATE: It's official from Verizon)

blackberry storm 2 pic 1

The Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 (pic from CNET)

Remember the BlackBerry Storm 2– the easy-to-use touchscreen BlackBerry we all were hoping for when the original Storm came out? Yeah, we know it looks awesome, and over the past few days reviews on the phone have been popping up all over the internet, even though Verizon hasn’t yet officially confirmed the phone’s upcoming release (though don’t worry Verizon BlackBerry users, it is).

UPDATE 10/26: Verizon confirmed today that the Storm2 will be launching this Wednesday, October 28th, for $179.99 on a new 2 year contract and after an $100 mail in rebate. It’ll also be launching with BlackBerry OS 5.0 which brings a lot of updates like a better browser and better typing. The OS 5.0 update is also available now for original Storm owners, which should help make the first Storm much easier to use).

The reviews, such as by Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal (who in the same article also reviews the new Android powered Motorola Cliq for T-Mobile) and CNET, seem to love the new Storm, particularly:

  • It’s improved screen with much better SurePress technology, (with which you push down on the touchscreen as though a real button, rather than the usual tapping found on a regular BlackBerry like the Curve or Tour). As we all know, the first Storm’s screen was pretty hard to use– at best.
  • Built in WiFi (finally!!)
  • 18 GB of storage in box (according to the Wall Street Journal)
  • An improved touch interface with even some multitouch, like for copy and paste (exciting we know) and typing with 2 fingers on the screen, though no word on other multitouch gestures like “pinch to zoom”.

Still, for those familiar with the original Storm phone, don’t expect a better browser or more intuitive keyboard (it takes a little time to get used to using the new SurePress keyboard).

All in all, this looks to be a solid Storm, and a whole lot better than the first one. But, you should know, Verizon is planning A LOT of awesome smartphones for this year (such as a couple of Android phones and other sick phones–we’ll keep you in the loop, don’t worry), so we’d say you should wait to see what else Verizon’s got planned before running to buy this new Storm.

For all the info on what’s new in the BlackBerry Storm2, see our previous post here.

Now all we need is Verizon to come clean and tell us when it’ll be available (rumors are around November time for the same $200 price as when the first Storm launched) (see above update), and we’ll be all set.

We wanna know what you think– Storm 2 gonna make you wanna go back to the touchscreen BlackBerry? Holding off because of the problems with the original Storm? Would rather something like a Pre, iPhone, Touch Pro2 or some other phone instead? Let the world know your thoughts in the comments.

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