Verizon Officially Announces the Motorola Droid

Moto Droid pic 5

Watch out because here comes the Droid

Verizon users, today is your lucky day. Verizon , Google and Motorola have officially announced that one of the sickest phones of the year is coming to you– and very soon. Yup, the Droid is officially coming to Verizon, and brings some new Android 2.0 awesomeness that should make more companies than Apple a little nervous.

Ok, so in terms of specs, nothing we really haven’t covered in our previous Droid post— Verizon 3G, WiFi, 3.7 inch high res screen (we’re talking better than the iPhone’s screen here), 16 GB in the box (on a memory card), 5 megapixel camera with auto focus, flash and DVD quality video camera, Verizon Visual Voicemail, slide out full QWERTY keyboard with a design near the size of an iPhone, and Google’s Android 2.0… ok well that last part is a still a little new, and  where things got really interesting and plain awesome today.

This is the first of many devices to bring out Google’s next version of Android, Android 2.o. Android 2.0 brings along all the Android stuff we mentioned before– nicer looking interface, Facebook sync with contact app on the phone, built in apps like YouTube, GMail, Android Market, Amazon Mp3 store, and a better web browser.

Plus, there’s Google Maps, which got A LOT of news today, as now Google is also throwing in built in GPS guidance. We’re talking Garmin or TomTom quality GPS for FREE on your Android phone. Called Google Maps Navigation, this stuff is crazy. It brings all the latest Google Maps, Street Views, and live traffic, all constantly being updated to the latest info. This is something we’re really hoping Google brings to other Google Maps apps on other devices like Windows Mobile, webOS, BlackBerry and the iPhone.  (For right now, it probably is scaring the garbage out of competitors like Garmin and TomTom, or at least it looks like based on all the news of their respective stock prices dropping like a rock today, and can you blame them for not being scared of Google? Think bout it: $100 for the iPhone TomTom app versus a free Google app that does the same things on a bigger screen, for the perfect price of free). Motorola is also making docks for the Droid– one for using it in the car– like you would a regular GPS, and a multimedia station for syncing with your PC, showing off movies, pix and playing music, and also being an alarm clock with weather info from the GPS.

Anyways, check out this shot of the new navigation feature in action, looks pretty sweet no?

google maps navigation

Google Maps Navigation– yeah, it’s that sick.

Now the big details: price and release. Well, you won’t have to wait long for this guy– the Droid comes out next week on November 6th, and the price is not that bad either, $199.99 with a new 2 year contract (with a $29.99 a month email and web plan) and $100 mail in rebate.

I don’t know bout you, but in my opinion this phone really looks to be Verizon’s true answer to the iPhone (we know it wasn’t the first Storm based on last year’s problems), and a device that if I were on Verizon, I’d definitely look into as it looks to be a great “do it all” phone.  What you think? You like what Motorola and Verizon got cooking here in the Droid, or you looking for something different in your next phone? The world wants to know, so let your voice be heard in the comments.

You can see full details on the Droid at Verizon’s preview site here.

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  1. You don’t really seem to get the concept of offboard navigation which is what keeps google free and ultimately no use to anybody who does any decent motoring.

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