Why Hello There Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo dsi xl pic 1

The DSi XL

Well this pretty much came out of left field. Nintendo has announced the next version of the DS called the DSi XL (or DS LL for Japan). The new DS is said to be coming later this year to Japan and early next year for Europe and the US (which sadly is like what happened with the first DSi when it was first announced last year).

We got the info on the DSi XL, so let’s take a look and see what this does and how it differs from the DS Lite and DSi.

Ok, so the first thing you’ll notice is that compared to the DS Lite and DSi, this thing is huge. Nintendo has bumped up the screen size of both the top and bottom DS screens a full one inch to a 4.2 inch screen. And from the looks of it, Nintendo didn’t make this any thicker, which is definitely pretty awesome. The stylus also has been made bigger, much bigger actually since the first DS stylus’s. Check out this comparison pic of the DSi and the DSi XL from Nintendo Japan’s site.

nintendo dsi xl pic 2

Check out the size difference between the DSi and DSi XL– clearly you can see the DSi XL is much, MUCH bigger. (Pic from Joystiq)

We don’t yet know any other info like price or actual release for the US (or even all the differences in the two models beyond size). Don’t worry, we’ll make sure to keep you up to date on all the latest info.

Info from Kotaku

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