Project Natal’s Price Tag $84?

xbox 360 project natal pic 1

If you read our round-up posts on E3 last June, you noticed a new way to play video games on your Xbox 360 called Project Natal. Basically, Project Natal allows the player to be the controller, something that PlayStation attempted since the days of the PS2 with PlayStation Eye, but it didn’t pan out too well for them. Today reports were coming out that Microsoft was showing Natal off to some UK game publishers and they let a possible price tag slip. What is the price of this sick looking device? Try an awesome $84, that could possibly go down to $50 as Microsoft is trying to push this to be a must have or “impulse buy” for everyone. Oh, and they also let slip a possible  release date of November of next year.

For a full overview of everything that is the awesome Project Natal, see our post here.

Of course these are just rumors for now (and don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear more), but what you think of Natal possibly being so cheap when it comes out? If it is, you running out on day one and picking it up? Sound off in the comments.

Info from Joystiq

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