Zune HD Gets Some New Games and Apps… For FREE

zune hd pgr

Project Gotham Racing on the Zune HD (Pic from Kotaku)

Remember back in our Zune HD review where we mentioned how the Zune HD will be getting some new free games and apps, like the hit Xbox 360 game Project Gotham Racing? Microsoft released a whole bunch of new games for the Zune HD including

  1. PGR: Ferrari Edition (which is like it’s Xbox sibling, giving you 12 Ferrari cars to race all over New York, London or Tokyo either in a 33 level Career mode or in online races aginst up to 3 other cars)
  2. Lucky Lanes Bowling, a bowling game where you can play either against the computer or up to 4 friends
  3. Piano app which simulates a virtual piano
  4. Vans Sk8: Pool Service, a skateboarding game where you aim to do the best tricks in 10 different events
  5. Checkers
  6. Audiosurf Tilt, a game where you pick a song from your music library on your Zune and then try to collect the colored blocks and avoid speed bumps along a custom roller coaster made for each song. Microsoft also said today that they soon will also have apps for Facebook and Twitter.

Yes, this is nowhere near the 100,000+ apps in the iTunes App Store, but Microsoft does deserve some credit– creating what looks to be some quality apps (specifically the PGR and Audiosurf games) that look to take full use of the high powered Nvidia Tegra chip inside the Zune to give some solid games all for the unbeatable price of FREE (though you do have to look at a brief ad while the game loads, something I’m more than happy to deal with if it means quality, free apps).

Now if only they’d open up a real App Store and give developers a chance to fully  tap into that high powered Tegra chip (I mean check out this video of PGR and Audiosurf on the Zune from Engadget, who they say looked as sharp as a PSP game!), and we’d be all set.

Anyone out there with a Zune HD, you like your new games?

Full info on the apps can be found on the Zune site here.

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  1. nice article! thank you.

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