Batman AA 2, Medal of Honor, and Force Unleashed 2 in 2010?


Last night were the Video Game Awards and among the surprise winners and losers, Modern Warfare 2 did not win Game of they Year. In addition, we were informed that 2010 will be a very fun year for gamers especially if you’re a batman fan like me. Read on for more


Batman: Arkham Asylum may very well be, the best comic book video game ever made. And the geniuses at Rocksteady Studios have announced a sequel along with an absolutely demonic trailer showing the Joker after the events that occurred at Arkham Asylum. Also judging by the games new website,, and the trailer, it seems that Arkham moved from the island to the heart of the city. Check it out and decide for yourself  whether or not you would be interested in the sequel or were you satisfied with the original?

Medal of honor

Whenever people think of FPS war shooters they think Halo, Call of Duty. But never does Medal of Honor come to mind, until now that is. EA is rebooting the franchise promising “the most authentic war experience”. They backed this up with a trailer that looks absolutely beautiful and completely authentic. Will Medal of Honor actually dethrone Modern Warfare as the most authentic modern war game ever? I guess we’ll find out in 2010 when its rumored to come out


The original Force Unleashed featured unprecedented focus on the force and how you can take advantage of it. Even though it did not do well critically, it did have some very, very cool ideas. And Lucasarts is looking to perfect those ideas in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2. This game, rumored to come out in 2010 is looking real good by the trailer that was shown at the VGAs. Will this Lucasarts perfect the ideas in this game? Or will it be what the Force Unleashed should have been?

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