The Google Phone– It's Real and it's Coming

google mobile

The internet has been abuzz the last couple of days with something that is sure to be huge– we’re talking Apple Tablet-like huge. What is it? Well, as one Twitter user who claims to have seen it, put it– it’s “like an iPhone on beautifying steroids.” Those are some pretty strong words, so what are we talking about that’s so awesome? The gPhone of course. Yes, the Google Phone– the real Google phone designed/made BY Google, not just a phone running Android.

You ready for some details on something that looks to shake up the cell phone as we know it? Read on.

Ok, so here’s what we got so far.

Google has over the past couple of days has given out to employees an secret, unknown unlocked device that  looks to be something we’ve never seen in an Android phone. We’re talking design possibly thinner than iPhone, equipped with AT&T AND T-Mobile 3G (a first for any phone), Android 2.1 (or some other version of Android we haven’t seen before), a high resolution OLED screen (like the awesome one found on Sprint’s Samsung Moment, just even better), 2 mics– one for regular voice, one for noise canceling, a 1 GHZ processor (meaning a REALLY, REALLY fast phone), and a new voice to text feature that will let you take notes or write emails just by using your voice (yeah, meaning you could have this take notes for you)! As you can see this is pretty big stuff.

The phone is said to be designed by Google and made by HTC (though with Google logos and branding all over the phone), and will possibly be sold unlocked by Google directly (meaning you buy the phone from Google first and then can pick whatever carrier you want), as well as possibly being sold through whoever carries the device (some say T-Mobile, others say this will be AT&T’s first Android phone– as they may lose the iPhone next year, some say it’ll be on both, with other reports saying Verizon was first offered the phone by Google and said no). And remember, Google has even confirmed a device like this exists on their own blog! So what this phone look like? Here’s one rumored shot.

google phone pic 2

The Google Phone/Nexus One?

Yeah, not bad at all. The phone is said to be referred to as the Nexus One (odd name we know), and the current rumors suggest that the wait for Google to make this all official ain’t that long either, possibly even in January.

So, your probably wondering, what makes this so big? Well, this seems like just a start of yet another awesome Android device, and should really shake up the cell phone market as Google goes with the Palm, BlackBerry and Apple approach of making both the hardware and the software– in simple terms, a sick phone that is sure to lead to not only better Android phones (I mean, this is Google showing how they do Android, and seeing as they made Android, you know they’re gonna do it really well), but expect a lot of better phones from Apple, Palm, BlackBerry and everyone else as they try to fight Google.  Google has enough money and power (as shown with how badly they killed the big GPS market when they announced Google Maps Navigation), that when they wanna do something, you better beware.

The news of a Google Phone is just beginning (everything we got so far is still in the very early phases and just rumors), and we’ll make sure to keep you up to date on all the news as Google looks to really shake up the cell phone world, but we wanna know– would you buy a device like the one we described above? You think Google is really making a “Google Phone”? Let us know in the comments.

Info from Engadget, Tech Crunch, and Google Mobile Blog.

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