BlackBerry Tour2 Spotted– New Trackpad and All

The BlackBerry Tour2, on left, next to the original BlackBerry Tour

Sprint and Verizon BlackBerry lovers listen up (and those who got the first BlackBerry Tour, you may wanna look away from this), as we got some news for you on a new version of the popular BlackBerry Tour. The Boy Genius Report has posted a brief first look and some pix of an all new BlackBerry Tour2 9560 (not sure if that a final name for the device), that looks to take everything that’s great about the first Tour, and well you know, make it even better.

So what’s better in this new Tour? A few things according to BGR a faster processor t0 make everything faster (always good), WiFi (this is great considering it was one of the biggest downsides of the first Tour), and of course that all new trackpad found on all the latest and greatest BlackBerrys. The keyboard is of course nothing short of the great keyboards BlackBerry is known, and the size is said to be about equal to that of the first Tour (meaning it should be more than comfortable to carry around in your pocket).

This is a solid update to the Tour line, and we’ll of course keep you updated as more info comes out on this new BlackBerry– but what you think possible Tour owners, you willing to hold off on that new holiday Tour for a Tour2  and willing to hold off for this to come to your carrier (said to be coming to Sprint and Verizon probably sometime next year)?

Pix and info from Boy Genius Report

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  1. Jacqueline Nathacy


    Do you have any idea when this phone will be released on Sprint? Also, is the keyboard easy to use. I have the Instinct so i’m use to touchscreen.


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