Facebook Getting Another Update?

Yes its that time of the year again. Its time for a new facebook layout. Will it be a welcomed update or will stir up a storm of complaints like the last update? Read on for more.

For those of you that don’t know, Facebook has undergone some controversial site redesigns that were not always welcomed with open arms by the Facebook community. The last update introduced the new homepage which brought arguments against Facebook for privacy invasion. Basically, you were able to see everything your friends were doing on Facebook, whether it’s their wall posts or their approval of someone else’s status.

Now, Facebook wants to add a few more changes, but none that will cause such a stir as the last update. (keep in mind, this is only rumored information)

A shot of what the rumored new Facebook will look like.

  • A new emphasis on the search bar – could mean an enhanced searching experience
  • Removal of redundant “your name” link to your profile on the top right side (the profile link serves the same purpose)
  • Removal of the bottom screen, pop-up navigation bar, leaving only the chat box – personally, I never used the “navigation bar” except for chat and notifications
  • Notifications have been moved to the top left of the screen right next to the facebook logo
  • Sidebar has been cleaned up a bit – so you don’t need to sort through meaningless categories of news feeds anymore.

So, are you excited for this new Facebook update, or are you satisfied with the experience as it is right now? Sound off in the comments

Info and pix from Switched.com

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