More Details on the Nexus One Leak Out

A clear shot of the Nexus One, and Google’s site for the phone.

Remember the Nexus One, you know Google’s true “Google Phone“? A whole bunch of new info just came out on this highly anticipated phone, and while it doesn’t answer all the questions about the phone (no full confirmation on specs), it does seem to answer a fair share of them.

The most significant revelation is in terms of which networks will be carrying this phone and the available plans. Unlike previous rumors, Gizmodo and other sites are reporting that while the phone will be sold unlocked without a contract from Google’s site directly for a steep $530, it will have T-Mobile 3G (and only T-Mobile and Europe 3G, not AT&T), and will give the option to purchase the phone  at a dramatically subsidized $180 on 2 year contract with T-Mobile. However, only one plan appears to be currently available: $79.99 for 500 minutes, and unlimited text, and web. So if you’re on a family plan, your gonna need to buy the phone for the $530 unlocked price, which is something we honestly cannot believe is the only option, especially if Google and T-Mobile actually want to move a lot of phones.

But that’s not all. If you buy the phone on contract and decide to cancel your service within 120 days of service, you will either have to return the phone to Google, or you’ll need to pay the remaining the $350.

On the hardware front, the leaked info also talks about a home-and-car kit (you know, perfect for using this as your car’s GPS with Android’s Google Maps Navigation), and the originally leaked pix of the phone also appear to be the real deal. As for name and release, word is that Google will be calling this the Nexus One, and all the official details should be made really soon, as Google has scheduled an Android-related press conference for Tuesday of next week.

Technically this is all still rumors, but don’t worry– whatever Google’s got planned and unveils next week, we’ll make sure your kept up to date.

Pix and info from Gizmodo and Engadget

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