CES 2010– Everything You Need To Know, Right Here

Happy New Year! Yes, we are finally into the first decade of the 2000’s. Along with the new year comes the upcoming annual Consumer Electronics Show, which showcases a lot  of the new tech you’ll see next year.

Among categories in which we expect particular development, smarter, even more powerful smartphones, faster, better computers (particularly netbooks), 3D TV’s (just a lot of 3D in general), eBooks, tablets (especially Apple, if you’ve been following any news), and 4G.

4G, which is the next step in cell phone networking, with even faster, higher-quality connection, is anticipated to be launched by Sprint in the US very shortly–with the inclusion of more modems and a some new 4G-capable phones–and Verizon is said to begin the rollout of their 4G network this year as well.

So stay tuned, CES kicks off January 6th and runs through the 10th, and we’ll be relaying to you everything about the latest, coolest tech out there.

(Oh, and for all those wondering about Macworld– Apple isn’t participating in it this year, but don’t worry, word is that they got a January announcement of their own planned for later this month…)

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