Apple Pre-Event Rumor Roundup

Seeing as that in under 24 hours Apple will finally announce it’s new “creation,” the rumor wire has been burning up on the internet. Seriously, there is every type of rumors here from an actual possibility, all the way to “some guy in his basement’s magic wish.” And while we tried our hardest to stay away from all these rampant rumors, here’s a few of the latest and coolest ones, with our thoughts on if we believe it will actually happen.

RUMOR– The Tablet is coming.

Is this what the Apple Tablet will look like?

Our Thoughts– Seeing as this has been pointed to in every which way– be it from major magazine and newspaper editors like Conde Nast and the New York Times to a major textbook publisher– McGraw-Hill (who’s CEO today in a CNBC interview went so far as to say that tomorrow Apple will show off the Tablet running the iPhone OS and that it will offer it’s textbooks as eBooks for the device), I’d have to say this 98% chance of some sort of Tablet-related announcement. Throw in the different style of invite (if you recall, when Apple sends out invites to new events, they usually have some kind of theme– like this iPod one and MacBook related one), and the fact that Apple also uses January for its major new announcements– such as the announcement of the first iPhone, and the MacBook Air. We really like the Tablet (or iPad, iSlate, iTablet– whatever it’s called) odds.

RUMOR– The Tablet will have AT&T and/or Verzion 3G built in.

Our Thoughts– The fact that the Tablet will offer some sort of 3G “always connected” option seems logical enough to actually happen, now the rumors of AT&T and/or Verizon having their 3G on the Tablet… a little tougher to understand. There are some sites, like Fox News, saying that the Tablet will have both an AT&T and Verizon 3G option available (yay!), while others are saying it will be only Verizon 3G, or only AT&T 3G. The last two make a lot of sense, as there are advantages and quirks to both sides: AT&T’s iPhone data problems are well-documented but it still does carry the iPhone and using it’s GSM tech; Verizon, on the other hand, uses CDMA tech for connecting to 3G networks which would be better for using the device worldwide (unless the Verizon one has a dual CDMA/GSM chip that would allow it to work here on Verizon 3G and overseas as well).

There is also talk that Verizon is telling it’s employees to stay tuned for a big live webcast at around 1 PM EST, which just so happens to be when a certain Apple event is taking place. This is a complete up in the air, personally, I’m hoping for the Fox News option that both can get the device.

A rumored pic of the new iPhone OS 4.0 (via Boy Genius Report)

RUMOR– iPhone 4.0 software announced, with an iPhone FOR Verizon

Our Thoughts– If the Tablet is, in fact, running the iPhone OS as opposed to regular OS X, then this too is 98% likely to be announced. According to Boy Genius Report, the new OS should bring some much needed and long awaited features like multi-tasking and a new contacts sync option (perhaps syncing with Facebook etc. like Android and webOS?) among other updates. There is also talk that select developers have already been given an updated SDK to make their apps better compatible with the larger screen of the Tablet to be shown off at the announcement.

As for a Verizon iPhone, we really want to believe this is coming. It’s for sure possible for Apple to make a dual GSM/CDMA iPhone that would allow it to be international while also using Verizon’s network back home (the BlackBerry Storm and Tour as well a bunch of other phones already do this), but we’re not as sure on this just because the rumors aren’t as strong and the fact that Apple usually updates the iPhone around June time. While on the topic of new iPhone carriers, we’d have to say T-Mobile would be the more likely next carrier as they use similar tech to AT&T. Some rumors say a T-Mobile iPhone will come this summer.

A 4G iPhone, however, has better odds and it would be able to run on both Verizon’s and AT&T’s upcoming 4G networks, which Verizon plans to start rolling out later this year and AT&T next year. In such a case, only one iPhone type would be needed since both would then use the same tech. Chances of iPhone 4.0 announcement: probable. Verizon iPhone: doubtful (though we’d love to be surprised).

RUMOR– Tablet will be not just an eReader, large multimedia player and internet viewer, but also a great game player.

Our Thoughts– Now while this sounds like someone’s dream device– a mix of the book reading of the Kindle, the media playback and great web browser used on the iPod Touch and iPhone, and a PSP/DS type of game player– it actually could make sense. Invites have been sent out to a lot of gaming publications, not what you’d expect if there was no big gaming aspect to the device. There also is talk that EA is planning on attending to show off the great gaming power of the Tablet.

If this is true (which we very much believe to be), then Apple has made it very clear that the new Tablet is not just after the Kindle’s lunch money, but the DS and PSP’s too.

Now there are a bunch of other rumors out there (we’re not even gonna try to get into all the hardware possibilities), but these are some of the more interesting (and well, rational) ones. You know what, though, like many others out there I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s event for no other reason than to calm down the rumors (if only for an hour). Of course, make sure to check back here tomorrow, as we’ll have whatever Apple plans to show off covered right here. Oh, and feel free to share your picks on what Apple announces tomorrow (maybe a cereal line), as well as to guess the name of said device or what you think the Tablet will be called.

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