Nexus One Coming To AT&T and Sprint?

The Nexus One Google smartphone (for more info see here) got a lot of buzz when it was released last month for T-Mobile. Now, you can also buy an unlocked Nexus One, but you only get EDGE or 2.5G, not 3G when using it on say, AT&T instead of T-Mobile. However, CNET and other sites are now reporting that Nexus Ones have been ordered with 3G for WCDMA bands that will allow for 3G on AT&T (which has 3G in many more places than T-Mobile).

Not only that, but CNET also reports that Google has said that there will be versions of the Nexus One coming out in the spring for Verizon (which Google and Verizon mentioned at the Nexus One launch) and possibly Sprint as well.

So are you pumped for the Nexus One coming to a network near you? Or are you satisfied with your current phone? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Aaa HELLO,
    I have an LG dare which is a good phone but I have been reading and reading and reading and I am waiting for the Nexus One to come to Verizon. You have to be CRAZY not to love this phone and I don’t care what the 2 year contract cost is I WANT THE DAMM PHONE!!!!!
    Seriously though I am waiting for just that. The day I see verizon advertise the Nexus One I will be at the store in 5 minutes and buy it. I know that this summer there will be a whole bunch of cool phones out but this is the one for me. Remember when PC’s started getting crazy with the processor speeds, well I think this will be the case for smartphones. Every 6 months it will be another gig faster so like the PC’s if you wait you will wait forever. I’M IN AS SOON AS THE N1 COMES OUT ON VERIZON WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!

  2. Anybody happen to know the exact or near exact date of the release for Verizon????????????????

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