Pandora One

Have you ever wanted your own DJ? One that is so smart that it can pick from literally thousands and thousands of songs, the perfect songs, customized to your music preferences? Imagine, a DJ that will create a whole playlist of songs based on songs you like, even comprehending the elements of the song that cause you to enjoy it so much. No I’m not talking about Genius, Apple’s attempt to create your own DJ, but something you can run entirely off the internet, for a mere price tag of $3 a month. I’m talking about Pandora One, which is an attempt to bring the very successful Pandora (known for their great iPhone, Android and other mobile apps), to your desktop.

A screenshot of Pandora's interface

In case you don’t know, Pandora is an online radio station and calls itself the Music Genome Project. Basically, you tell them one song or artist that you like, and based on the qualities of that artist, Pandora chooses the playlist. However when I say qualities, I don’t mean just the genre; I mean harmonization, vocals, riffs, and even the tone of the song. The best part of is that it offers two plans; a free plan and a paid plan which allows for more skips, and no ads.

Pandora One's interface

If you don’t like a song you can skip it or hit thumbs down to never hear that song again. However due to music license laws, there’s only a specific amount of skips you can get a day. Also, since this is a radio station, you get to make your own stations. However there is one catch to Pandora One, it costs $36 a year. But for the amount of variety you get in your songs, $3 a month is a steal. If you want to try out Pandora One for yourself, there is a free trial.

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