PSN Down? [Update– All Looks to Be Working Again]

If you haven’t been able to get any trophies, load any data (or lost any data like trophies or saved games), sign onto the PlayStation Network, or even play any games on your PS3 over the last 24 hours then you’re probably confused as I was initially and pretty upset. What happened? Its because you have a “fat” PS3, otherwise known as any PS3 that is not a PS3 Slim. The error (Error 8001050F for those who want specifics) is why us ”fat” PS3 users have noticed that our date has gone back into the past to the mystical year of 1999, or 12/31/99 to be exact. Y2K anyone? This internal clock error has been the cause of failed PlayStation Network logins, and even the inability to play certain video rentals and games! Sony has given updates saying that they are working as fast as they can to fix this problem, and are predicting this error to be solved by tomorrow morning. Has your PS3 caught the time traveling bug or are you still here with us in 2010? Leave a comment below. We will post any updates that come our way on this post.

Update (8:30 PM EST): People have been testing out their PS3’s and they are running fine. Not everyone’s PS3 has lost trophies and other game data, but if you did then here’s what you do to get it back: just launch the game that has lost trophies, and the game automatically links with your PSN account online and all your trophies should reappear. You also can go to Settings and Date and Time and set your PS3 to sync the date and time online.  Sony also has officially confirmed on their PlayStation Blog that PS3’s should now be good to go, and judging from the amount of people that are playing Uncharted 2 online, we’re gonna go ahead and say its once again safe to turn your PS3 on.

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