Sony Officially Announces the PlayStation Move Motion Controller

We saw a brief glimpse of it last year at E3, and we have not seen much of it since. However, last night at the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco, Sony unveiled new details about the upcoming PlayStation Move– Sony’s wireless “wand-like” motion-sensing controller.

The Move will be made up of two parts very similar to how Nintendo has it with the Wii– the main  “wand” (the one in the pic above with the wrist strap and giant glowing circle on top) is officially known as the Move, and will have smaller wand like controller (seen on the left) called the sub-controller. As you can tell these look very similar to the Wii’s Wiimote and Nunchuck, and they function very similarly but are also very different. For example, unlike on the Wii, these are going to be used in both casual as well as much more intense games such as the upcoming SOCOM 4 (which, as anyone who has played SOCOM before knows, it’s no Mario). So how else are they different? Well…

  • The PlayStation Move uses the PlayStation Eye video camera (which Sony has had around in some form since the PS2) to track your movements and motions, and couple with that circle on top of the Move, look to provide a very accurate sense of exactly what your doing.
  • The Nunchuck part of the controller, will not connect to the Move. Instead it will utilize the PS3’s built in Bluetooth to wirelessly sync up with the Move and the PS3 (unlike the Wii’s Nunchuck which needs to be connected into the Wiimote).
  • The circle on top of the Move isn’t just to help the Eye sense where you are– it also changes color depending on what game you are playing and how fast your moving your controller (as seen above with the blue).
  • Sony also has unveiled a list of starter games, and one in particular is called Sports Champion– which is like Wii Sports just a lot better looking. The next version of Sony’s hit SOCOM series– SOCOM 4– which is slated to be released this fall, is going to support the use of this controller, which should definitely put a new spin on the SOCOM experience, and looks to be the first real test for this new controller to see how it handles itself in an intense game.

Sports Champions on the PS3

Like Microsoft’s Project Natal for the 360, the PlayStation Move will be launched sometime around the holiday season (Sony, again like Microsoft, is viewing this like a major console launch) in either a bundle with a new PS3, by itself, or in a “Starter Kit” bundle with a PS Eye, controller and game for under $100 (which if you ask us looks to be a very solid deal).

One thing that I can’t though seem to wrap my head around is why Sony put an extra X and an extra O on the sub-controller, considering the Move already has them? I guess we will just have to wait to find out what their purpose is for when E3 rolls around June 3rd, and more info on the Move is sure to be announced.

If you want to see the first trailer for the PlayStation Move or more pix, check out Joystiq’s post on the Move here

Info and pix from Joystiq

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  1. this is crazy ! Can’t wait too play it.
    Check out:
    for more tech reviews by teens.

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