Everything You Need To Know About God of War III

Lovers of blood, gore, and killing the Greek gods are waiting anxiously for next Tuesday, March 16. That’s the day that God of War 3 is coming out and this game will conclude the biggest and toughest path to revenge that has ever been written into a video game. Click to read more on what’s new, whats old, and what is just plain awesome in God of War 3.

Just a note of caution, this game is rated M for Mature, so you will need to be 17 to buy it in a store.

What’s the same

  • Combat: I know I speak for many when I say that this is a combat system that works flawlessly and Sony Santa Monica, the developer, agrees. So aside for a few tweaks with the L1 button, the combat system has not changed. Weapons: You will, of course, have the God of War staple, The Blades of Chaos. This is pretty much the only weapon that you have used with before. Puzzles: There are going to be a few times throughout the game where you’re going to be thinking about something else besides killing gods for once. These will be simple puzzles, things we have seen before.

What’s New

  • Graphics: this is the first God of War game to be released for the PS3 and made for the PS3, and it looks absolutely stunning. Imagine fighting enemies on top of a titan that is taller than the Empire State Building. These situations lead to some incredible battles and the power of the PS3 is definitely on display in these epic fights. Not only that, but Kratos is incredibly detailed. You can even count the number of scars on his stomach. Sony has truly created one of the most detailed video games of all time

  • Items: Apollo’s Bow, which might be an upgrade to your fire bow, and Hermes’ boots, which allow you to run at super fast speed, are all new in this new game.

What’s just plain awesome

  • Magic: that’s right, you will have five magical abilities. The Helios Beam, Army of Artemis, Hephaestus Fury, Solar Flare and Warriors of Deimos. The only magic ability that we know about in detail is the Helios beam. Basically, after you rip off Helios’ head you can use it as, essentially, a flashlight in dark places.

  • Scale: The titans provide a great landscape to fight on. Not only will you fight on them, you will fight the titans themselves. Just thinking about fighting something that’s larger than the Empire State Building is incredible. But to see it and play it is a whole different thing. The screenshots of these epic battles look absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game just to get to these levels.
  • Graphics: The graphics are one of the best I have seen in a game in a long time. The blood and gore that God of War has been known for looks absolutely stunning. Ripping out a cyclops’ eye has never been more satisfying, visceral, and just plain fun.
  • Quicktime Events: Sony Santa Monica has re-done Quicktime events so that the buttons you need to push are at the edge of the screen. The reason for this is that now, instead of looking around for a button to press, you can now focus on the awesome beheading that you just did.

From beheadings to fighting on giants, God of War looks absolutely incredible. Any PS3 owner looking for an awesome, intense new game should definitely add this game to their game library when God of War 3 hits shelves tomorrow.

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