Are You Tech-Ready for March Madness?

With only a few hours left till one of the biggest sporting events of the year, we wanna help you stay up to date on everything related to March Madness, sharing with you a slew of gadgets and apps to cover the variety of your needs, from watching the games, to checking scores, to seeing  if you picked that game upset in your brackets while on the go– with something available for your computer, iPhone/iPod Touch or other smartphones.

From Your Computer

As we know, there are way too many games going on for your local CBS to cover all of them at once. This is where the internet comes in. As those of us following March Madness for years are well aware, CBS and the NCAA broadcast all games, from the very first to the Final Four, live online. So whether you want to watch Texas-Wake Forest or Butler-UTEP– or any other of the 32 opening round games– you can do it online.

Not only that, but the NCAA also has an NCAA Vault which gives you classic tournament highlights dating back from 2000. So you wanna take another look at the 2008 classic title game between Memphis and Kansas? It’s all there for you in its entirety.

And of course, for the most up-to-the-minute box scores from all the games, you can check sites like ESPN, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports, or wherever you got your bracket online.

On the Go

So you can’t get to a TV or computer but you still want the latest updates on the games. Well, if you got an iPhone or iPod Touch– we got some great apps for you.

The first app we have to mention is the CBS Sports NCAA March Madness on Demand app. For $9.99, this app will give you live video (or radio if you prefer) of all 63 games in the tournament– straight to your iPhone or iTouch either on EDGE, 3G or WiFi. Yes, unlike last year, iPhone owners can now watch even without being connected to a WiFi network. Not only that, but the app also has video highlights of games, alerts for upsets, buzzer beaters and overtime games, and even  allows those of us with our brackets on CBS Sports to check how our picks are doing straight from the app. Now for those who think $10 for an app we can only use really for a couple of weeks is a little too much, and can do without the live video and alerts–the news, scores and brackets is all– there’s a free Lite version of the app as well (something I personally have downloaded and used to check my brackets to make sure everything is in order for tomorrow. I gotta say, for checking your bracket on the go, it works really well).

Now what happens if you don’t have CBS for your brackets but still want to check on the go from your iPhone/iTouch. Don’t worry, ESPN has there own free app, called ESPN Tournament Challenge, to follow you brackets and get live game updates from Gamecast. These are just a couple of app examples, there a bunch of others on iTunes; and you can also, of course, always use Safari or any other web browser too and go to your brackets there.

You can check out the CBS Sports NCAA March Madness iPhone apps here (paid, free) and the ESPN app here.

Now what about those without iPhones or iPod Touches? Remember our post a while back on 4Info, a service that you can text with, say, a name of a team (or a league) and it send you  back text updates with scores, news etc.? Well, they not only do baseball as we mentioned in that post, but they also offer text message updates on all the games in March Madness (and the NIT for that matter), with the ability to set it to text you Tourney scores and upset alerts. These texts don’t even cost you anything extra beyond the standard text messaging rates (meaning, these are basically regular texts like the ones you send your friends). All you got to do is text “March Madness” to 44636 (4Info), and it’ll send you scores and the scheduled times for the games. This too is just one of many services out there, ESPN Alerts is another offering, which you can learn more about here.

So there you have it. Again these are just a couple of ideas to help you stay on top of your brackets and March Madness, and feel free to let us know in the comments about anything we may have missed (like if you know of any good apps for Android, webOS, BlackBerry etc.) and who you took to win it all. Good luck to all on your brackets, and go KU!

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