Sprint Announcing a 4G Phone This Week?

A rumored shot of the 4G packin HTC Supersonic for Sprint

Ok Sprint users– you can now think of this past week as an awesome one. Not only was it announced that you guys will soon be getting the Nexus One, but if these rumors are true– then we got for you something that will make that look like a toy. So what could possibly upstage news of the “Google Phone” coming to Sprint? Try the first US 4G phone! Yes, you read that right– a 4G phone!

As we know, for the past 2 years Sprint has been working hard on the rollout of their upcoming 4G network all across the US– already covering major cities such as Baltimore, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Seattle and Chicago (just to name a few); with others like New York, Boston and San Francisco said to be on the way in the “near future.” So with all that ever-expanding 4G coverage and only 2 data modems– like the Overdrive— being the only devices able to use it, it would make sense for Sprint to be preparing to launch a 4G phone to really kick off the 4G party (particularly with Verizon and AT&T beginning their 4G rollouts later this year/early next year).

So what could this first 4G phone possibly be? Obviously it has to be something insane, and from what this looks to be– we can definitely see this being it. Pix and info are pointing to an all touchscreen, Android 2.1 running phone called the HTC Supersonic (maybe the name has to do with the “super fast” 4G speeds?) to do the honors as the first Sprint 4G phone. The Supersonic is also said to be packing HTC’s latest and greatest version of it’s Sense UI (as we saw back at MWC), a 1 GHZ Snapdragon processor (as seen on the Nexus One), a 5 megapixel camera, and a 4.3 inch touchscreen (like on the HD2). All this in a very slim and sleek design as you see in a rumored shot of the device above.

Now those are just some rumored specs on the device (remember– until we hear official word from Sprint or HTC that’s all we can say this is), but according to the Wall Street Journal, we shouldn’t have to wait to long for this to all become official as Sprint is expected to do so this week at CTIA (think of CTIA as a part 2 of the big cell phone shows along with MWC, just this is taking place in Las Vegas and with more of a focus for US phones. This was where the AT&T Samsung Impression was announced last year for example).

We’ll of course have all things CTIA covered for you when the event takes place this Tuesday through Thursday– so stay tuned and keep checking back!

Pic and info from Phone Arena

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