The iPad Comes Out on Saturday– Everything You Need To Know on How To Find One

The time has finally come– Apple’s latest “magical” creation is just about here, and it all begins in under 48 hours! If the madness that surrounded the iPhone launch back in 2007 is any indication, the iPad’s launch day looks to be nothing short of an absolute zoo. Heck, there have been reports of over 400,000 (yes Four. Hundred. Thousand!) pre-orders for the new tablet since the pre-orders were announced a couple weeks back, and if you want to pre-order now, you’ll need to wait till next week on the 12th to get your iPad fix.

Now for some, that extra week of wait is not an option (and didn’t already pre-order the iPad to ensure getting it delivered to our doors on the 3rd), so what can you do, and how can you be able to hunt one down on Saturday? Read on to find out.

How to Find an iPad– Where to Look

Ok, so as we said before, the actual store launch of the iPad looks to be nothing short of pure madness– we’re talking long lines, possibly people camping out overnight– the whole deal. So here you are trying to pick one up on launch day, but you wanna know– where should I go? Apple is planning to launch the iPad in 2 actual stores on Saturday– Best Buy and the Apple Store. Let’s first start with the Apple Store.

There will be iPad’s available in Apple Stores– in addition to all the iPads that people pre-ordered and requested to have them sent there. Now, there is no word on how many iPads will be in each Apple Store, but Apple Stores will begin selling them at 9 AM Saturday, so if you really want this on Saturday and didn’t pre-order ahead of time, prepare to wake up early if you want to try to fight the rush and score one.

Now Apple also plans to sell the iPads at Best Buy, and if you can’t get to an Apple Store (or wanna try your luck at a most-probably less-packed place), then you can always go here. Now, as with the Apple Store, you’re trying your luck again here, as Best Buy’s are said to only have about 15 iPad’s per store (5 of each iPad WiFi version–  16, 32 and 64 GB.) And these are only Best Buy’s that have dedicated Apple sections– like a special Mac area in the computer department. If your not sure, call up your local Best Buy to 2x check).

Best Buy, like the Apple Stores, will also be opening their doors at 9 AM, and again– you may wanna get their early if you want to better your chances of picking one up (hey, there already is one guy lining up today for the iPad at the 5th Ave. Apple Store in NYC, and this is  two days before).

Now accessories-wise, we’re not sure how many will be out at launch. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a ton of cases, screen protectors etc., but we’re talking about those Apple-made add-ons like the keyboard dock and Camera Connection Kit. According to the Apple Store site, those and other Apple-made accessories (like their case, and power adapter) are not expected to come till mid-to-late April (and in the case of the power adapter– May); however, things like the iPad dock and the iPad dock connector to VGA (so you can hook this up to a bigger screen like a TV or computer screen) are said to be available on launch day. Now these are from the online Apple Store, what happens in the real stores are obviously still not clear.

So, there you have it– all you need to know on what to do to get your iPad on Saturday. If you do go out and try (or better yet get one), let us know how it goes and what the whole launch day scene is like. Me? I’m gonna sit this one out and wait a couple more weeks till the WiFi+3G iPad arrives, but to all those who go for this and haven’t pre-ordered, good luck!

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