Apple Announcing iPhone OS 4.0 Tomorrow

Wow, talk about a great week for Apple. First they release the iPad over the weekend, which does really well (to the tune of a very impressive 300,000 devices sold– not bad for a first couple of days on sale!). Second, coming tomorrow, they plan to release details on iPhone OS 4.0. Wow- way to keep the pedal to the metal. Obviously Apple isn’t giving any hints on what to expect, but here are a few things I expect:

  • Custom wallpapers– Let’s face it, this is pretty simple and considering the iPad does this in iPhone 3.2, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple allows us iPhone and iTouch owners to do the same.
  • Multitasking– This one has been something all us iPhone and iTouch (and even iPad) users have been waiting for, and is one of the biggest complaints with the iPad. It’s about time that we can multitask on our iDevices (which is rumored to work in a way similar to the Mac’s Expose feature), and if Apple doesn’t throw this in, I think a lot of people will be very, very unhappy.

There is also talk of Apple releasing some sort of “iAd” service for developers to better incorporate ads into there apps (using an Apple system of course), and seeing as this is for developers to get an early taste of whats to come for apps (as was last year in the iPhone 3.0 announcement), so we can also expect some more dev tools for them, but whatever it is Apple has planned, you can bet we’ll have it all covered for you here.

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  1. every time we talk to verizon, they hint at the iPhone coming… is this just them keeping us hooked? or do you think that could be part of this announcement?

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