Microsoft Sharing Big News Next Week… For Teen-Focused Phones?

Think Apple is the only one that can dominate a news week? Think again. Microsoft has sent out invites to the press about something to “share” this coming Monday, April 12th. What this “something” is? Here are a few guesses.

There is a lot of talk about Microsoft perhaps unveiling 2 new phones– not Windows 7 phones, but new phones that are similar to the Sidekick. In 2008, Microsoft bought a company called Danger, the makers of the hit T-Mobile phone series, the Sidekick. Now these new phones, codenamed “Project Pink,” are very teen-focused phones, meaning an emphasis on strong social network integration (such as via sites like Twitter and Facebook) and full keyboards. But instead of these phones continuing to run on T-Mobile, it looks like Verizon will be picking them up. Read on for all the rumored details.

The 2 phones rumored to be announced on Monday are codenamed “Turtle” and “Pure.” So what do we know about them so far?

According to CNET, unlike the Sidekicks, these new phones will be running some version of Windows Mobile (what kind is unclear) instead of the Java (or very basic) OS the Sidekicks run. This will also allow for things such as Zune integration, though according to CNET, don’t expect apps to be able to work both on Windows Phone 7 and the Pink phones, as they are still not the same.

A rumored shot of the “Turtle”

Gizmodo also has some even more info and pix on these phones. The Turtle is kinda like the Pre– a touchscreen with a full slideout QWERTY keyboard, which should be great for messaging. The Pure is in a design similar to that of the Sidekick’s or other touchscreen sliders’, basically a full touchscreen with a full slideout QWERTY keyboard underneath. Again, big focus here on messaging.

And here’s one of the Pure

Now, of course, there still is that question on apps, and if these really are running a different OS (or variation of an OS) than both the previous Windows Mobile and the upcoming Windows Phone 7, will developers need to make apps for 3 different Microsoft OS’s? If it’s that complicated, will they? All these questions and more are expected to be unveiled on Monday so stay tuned, this should be very interesting.

Top pic from Engadget

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