KIN vs. Smartphones—Which Would You Rather Buy?

So Microsoft announced the KIN today (formerly known as “Project Pink“)—their teen-focused phone with heavy emphasis on always staying connected. Of course as we know, KIN is a social phone and not a smartphone like the iPhone, Droid, or HD2. In other words—no apps.

After speaking to a few friends of mine (who aren’t as into tech), most of them really like the KIN and are really considering it for their next phone: it’s got that sleek hardware with full keyboards and multi-touch screens, 3G and WiFi, Zune for music and videos, those high powered cameras (both on the KIN 1 and KIN 2), and of course that deep connection to keep you completely connected to your Facebook, Twitter etc. Not to mention that it runs on Verizon. The lack of apps don’t seem to be an issue when seeing everything this phone does (and as one friend put it with regard to apps, “I’ve got my iPod touch for that”), with the only real concern I’m hearing– and the thing which is probably the biggest factor for this phone, is how much will the data plan and all this will cost (something we hope will be solved by Microsoft and Verizon not charging the same $30 a month that it costs to get say a BlackBerry or other smartphone plan).

Me? After seeing briefly what the KINs do, I’m definitely curious. I personally have gotten really reliant on the apps on my iPhone, and now don’t see how I can go back, no matter how awesome this all looks. It’s a tough call though, particularly if the pricing on this is more affordable (especially with the data plan) than what it costs to get a smartphone. I do though know that Microsoft has truly brought back that feeling that made the Sidekick line so great, and really brought it up to the way we live our lives today (in case you don’t know, these phones were designed by the same company that made the Sidekicks– a company called Danger, whom Microsoft bought back in 2008. The phones are even manufactured by Sharp, the same company Danger used to manufacture most of the Sidekick line).

Now we want to know—is the KIN something you want as your next phone, and if your on Verizon, will you look to that or something like a Droid to be your next phone. In other words, is a great social phone better for you than a phone with thousands of apps? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. yehoshua lerer

    the kim looks pretty junky to me. it looks like some regular phone with a keyboard. but you cant really tell because i never used it but it looks pretty bad. i have a black berry so i dont see myself ever switching to the kim or the iphone even thought 95% of people that when are done with their blackberries switch to the iphone

  2. yehoshua lerer

    and i hate touch screen phones they always break

  3. To me the kin sounds like a bad idea. Teens today use iphones, droids, blackberries, etc. Because there each popular and unique in their own way. While the kin is basically the same as the iphone without the apps except they have a keyboard. The only way I would buy a kin would be if its cheaper because then it would be more affordable to me. But if theres no price difference I would go with the Iphone over the Kin.

  4. I am 15 years old and use a blackberry. The kin does not look like a really attractive phone (look wise-which is important for teenagers). The keyboard looks pretty good and the quality doesn’t look so bad. One thing to consider is that if you by this phone, how much would it cost for internet bc that could make a deciding factor for teens who don’t want the $30 for an Iphone of Blackberry per-month. If I had to purchase one of this two phones, I would take the kin 2.

  5. i think its a great idea, and a lot of kids who absolutely care about social networking r going to be willing to pay the probably 30 $ a month data fee for this, but i dont think it will be worth it because if i was going to pay that, i would get a blackberry (because of bbm) or maybe one of the palms. one of my friends let me use his palm pre plus to tether off of his internet and it was great. if i wanted to spend the $30 a month, i would probably get that. its just not worth it.

  6. Personally i cannot understand why microsoft would not include applications when they have become a staple in many cell phones today. that could be a deal breaker for me

  7. Justin Goldstein

    Personally, i think that microsoft should stick to making computers. The droid looks much better and is way better quality

  8. this looks like a great product for a teen and exactly what i would be looking for in a phone, but b/c of the popularty of black berrys there are certain pluses only a bb can offer such as BBM and voice notes. this looks like a amzing phone but my vote is still the bb

  9. As the National High School Chair for Young Americans for Freedom, quick, reliable email is more vital than anything else to have on the road. I understand the social obsession with Facebook, but I have never been in a situation where I can’t wait for a little while to check my social feeds. Even twitter is usually just texted strait to me.

    The phones look cool, and I like the SideKickesque design and keyboard, but I’m worried about the cost of the plan most of all. If all I really want is email, I don’t want to pay 30$ a month for all the other crap that comes with it.

    Conclusion: The phone looks great, capable of everything I need and more. Let’s see what they can do about the plan, otherwise, what exactly makes this better than what’s already on the market?

  10. It looks cool and all what with its 8 MP camera, but how can you possibly overlook the fact that there is no Wi-Fi on this phone. For god’s sake its a phone that is designed to be always connected to the internet. How can you possibly justify this design error

  11. I’m not so into touch screens, so unless a phone has some pretty cool apps I would just stick to a blackberry for the blackberry messenger service

  12. I personally prefer a smartphone as it has an endless amount of possibilities, all via thousands of high-quality apps. The KIN phones don’t have apps, which is to me a big deal breaker. However, a person who is just looking for the rich digital social experience, then the KIN definately fits the bill. It takes after the Sidekick, which was a huge success.

  13. The phones look cool, but, so do all the other phones on the market right now, really the only thing differentiating them from all the other latest phones is the $30 a month plan which is a big minus. Not something i would switch for and probably not even get for my next phone if I were on Verizon. Not Impressed.

  14. As phones become more powerful, consolidating functional, social, and entertainment mediums into one device has become possible, and while no phone will ever “have it all”, the exclusion of apps from the Kin is pretty odd.
    Personally, this makes an iPhone or Blackberry a much more attractive option, regardless of the price tag. The less I have to carry around in my pocket the better.
    I can see the Kin appealing to a younger less demanding crowd.

  15. John Silverstein

    I think its a nice thought but in reality its completely pointless. Why would someone buy the kin when they could just get a blackberry, droid , or a
    Iphone much more reliable phones for around the same price? Plus they look flimsy. Overall nice thought may appeal to very young crowds but not a teenage community for the most part.

  16. would much rather the kin i love the keyboard and its very easy to check all the social sites which is perfect for me considering social is my middle name

  17. These phones blow

    Microsoft – Rehashing Yesterday’s Technology Today.

    Besides, where’s the people complaining about the Kin One only having 4 GB of space?

  18. Well, isn’t that why the Kin One is the base model, and the Kin Two is pricier?

  19. C3Tproductions

    The phone seems smushed together, not very appealing.
    I dont do much of social networking, so this phone wouldnt be for me.

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