Is this the Next iPhone?

Rumored shots of the iPhone HD (aka iPhone 4– this pic from Twitter user TUDream)

We know that Apple is working on a new iPhone (both history and common sense tell us that– I mean, Apple has updated the iPhone every summer since it was released, and what makes this one to be an exception to that precedent). But here is something we didn’t expect to see so soon– pix of a supposed 4th Generation iPhone (the 4th iPhone, not necessarily an iPhone that runs on 4G).

This 4th iPhone (rumored to be called the iPhone HD), if these shots are to be believed, is made out of aluminum (or some metal like material), which would make sense seeing Apple’s new love of the material (used on Macs, MacBooks, iPod Shuffles, and of course the iPad), and packs a video for iChat videocalling (YES!). Also noticeable on these pix is the location of a SIM card slot, which, while not 100% confirming (again we still don’t even know if these are even close to what the 4th iPhone looks like), seems to indicate another AT&T or maybe even a T-Mobile release as well, but less of hope for Verizon and Sprint. Engadget has gotten a few pix of the device (said to be found on the floor of a bar in San Jose of all places– and wow, if this is real, somebody is gonna learn very quickly to stop drinking on the job), and it is said to be packing a rather odd 80GB of storage (which would be great but strange, considering the flash storage found in the past iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches are in capacities like 16, 32 and 64 GB so we’d think the new iPhone would double the current 3GS’s 32 GB to say 64, but hey, we wouldn’t mind an extra 16 GB).

Also of note, Boy Genius Report has said AT&T has told employees that they can’t vacation in June. Only other times they did this? The last iPhone releases.

All I know is, I really can’t wait for June.

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