The iPhone 4 is Real

Wow that was quick. In a span of 3 days that rumored pic of the iPhone 4, we saw has gone from rumor to apparently real deal (though until Apple confirms it, it still technically is rumor and could also be a prototype which while looking near a final version, may be subject still to some changes)– even throwing in some more info in the process. Gizmodo was able to get a hands on with this new iPhone, and while it didn’t power on (thanks to most likely a remote wipe of the device by Apple), they have confirmed that it’s indeed made by Apple. How? They cracked it open and an Apple quality machine is easy to distinguish from a Chinese knockoff.

So what else have we found it about this next generation iPhone? Actually, for a phone that didn’t even power on– a whole lot.

  • Flash for the back camera!— Something a lot of us have been waiting for, and that back camera, according to Gizmodo, has also been improved from the 3GS’s current 3 megapixel (they mention how the lens is larger than the 3GS’s, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see 5 or even 8 megapixels, particularly because this will be going head-to-head with some really enticing offerings like the upcoming HTC Droid Incredible for Verizon and the HTC EVO 4G for Sprint– both of which offer 8 megapixel cameras).

The front camera on the iPhone 4

  • Improved screen resolution— Which they were able to tell by turning on the new iPhone, and comparing it’s “Connect to iTunes” screen to that of a 3GS’s. If you notice, things looking clearer and better there, and so we wouldn’t be surprised to see things look better all around the phone. (While a beta copy of the iPhone OS 4 is available for testing, it naturally only is designed for the iPhone 3G and 3GS, which have different software).
  • New design— We saw this in the pix from the other day, but the new iPhone looks to finally be bringing some real changes to the design of iPhones. We’re obviously talking more than just making the Apple and iPhone logos more shiny, like the back of the 3GS’s upgrade from the 3G. The new bezel– or silver border around the iPhone’s screen– is now aluminum instead of the previous plastic (a welcome step up no doubt), the volume buttons are now 2 separate buttons as opposed to one (leading Gizmodo to think this is because you can use one of the buttons as a camera key in addition to the option to tap on the screen to take a pic. Again, very welcome), a second mic for noise cancellation at the top of the phone, and a Micro-SIM card slot instead of the usual SIM card slot (the microSIM as you may know, is the same type of SIM card used in the iPad WiFi+3G, this making the components in the new iPhone even smaller). Additionally, the back of the phone is now flat, and made of possibly glass or other material as opposed to the 3G and 3GS’s plastic backs. Now this means the iPhone 4 is in fact thinner than the 3GS, though it is slightly heavier (though don’t worry, it’s still mighty light). Also, the screen appears to be slightly smaller than the 3GS (though it does have that higher resolution) but there is a larger battery (which will hopefully add some much needed extra juice to help get through the day).

New iPhone 4 next to old iPhone 3GS (iPhone 4 on left, 3GS on right)

In my opinion, this really looks like the real deal, further proven by what the insides look like inside the iPhone 4. I don’t care how great you are at making knock-offs, no one is that good (and seriously, who beyond Apple has currently announced the use of a Micro-SIM instead of a traditional SIM card). This all seems to further make sense with what some of the code (tech talk for programming apps and programs) of features like iChat, which as we all unfortunately know is sadly missing from the iPhones we have today.  Apple is also rumored to have booked the same place where they announced the iPhone 3G and 3GS for early June (the Yerba Buena Center in San Fransisco), which make sense as the time to unveil yet another iPhone.

As I said before, I can’t wait for June.

Video of the iPhone 4 after the break. More info, photos and videos can be found at Gizmodo.

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  1. the design looks really cool, especially the new shape, front camera, and the upgraded os sounds like itll be amazing. i cant wait to see which carrier will have it

  2. C3Tproductions

    I would have to disagree with the design. I like the design way better, but it is not that bad of a desgin, I prefer the other one though. I cant believe some had a prototype of it at a bar and left it, you have got to be crazy, or maybe this was all planned!!! Who knows, I am not an apple user but a fan, I havent bought any of there products because I know it can and will be better in the future. I cant wait to get my hands on one of there products.

    Signing out, Future blogger….

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