Droid Incredible by HTC Out Now for Verizon– Already Sold Out Online!

So the latest and arguably greatest Android phone (or perhaps even just the best overall phone) for Verizon, the Droid Incredible by HTC, is finally out. And, while not a huge surprise (yet still very impressive), it’s already sold out online! Now don’t worry if you didn’t already order or pre-order your Incredible, as you can still try your luck at your local Verizon store (and if that doesn’t work out, you can still place your orders online, though new orders aren’t expected to ship until next Tuesday 5/4). Oh, and all Droid Incredible buyers between now (including those who pre-ordered) and May 31st get a free 2 GB microSD card, bringing the built in memory up to around 10 GB (it also has 8 GB built-in).

Now for those that we’re able to get an Incredible, what you think of it (is it Verizon’s best phone yet? Better than an iPhone?), and if you didn’t yet– do you plan to? Lets us know in the comments.

And for all the details on what is the Droid Incredible and why it’s so great, see our previous post here.

Pic and info from Verizon.

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