AT&T Palm Pre Plus Launching this Sunday

Want a Palm Pre but not on Sprint or Verizon? AT&T users– your wait is almost up. AT&T has announced today that the Pre Plus from Palm will be available very soon, like this Sunday soon. (Note that HP is in the process of buying the struggling Palm for $1.2 billion– yes BILLION!)

The Pre Plus is pretty much is the same as when we saw it in March— 3.1 inch multi-touch screen, webOS, WiFi, GPS, 3G, webOS, 16 GB of storage and a 3 megapixel camera with flash and video recording– and will be available this coming Sunday, May 16th, for $149.99 with new 2 year contract and data plan. It will also come with a free Touchstone charging station when you purchase the Pre Plus in an AT&T store. As announced with the original Sprint Pre, the Touchstone allows you to just put your phone on the little dock, seen in the pic above, to charge your phone, i.e. no more plugging in cables (It costs $50 when purchased separately).

Honestly though, considering the Verizon Pre Plus costs only $29.99 on a new 2 year contract and data plan (and comes with free access to turn it into a MiFi like WiFi hotspot to connect other WiFi devices, like a laptop or iPod touch, to the Verizon network), I’m pretty shocked AT&T is charging so much, and am hoping they follow Verizon and cut the price real soon.

What you think– is $149.99 too much for the Pre Plus with Touchstone or were you hoping for a deal like Verizon’s Pre Plus? You plan on getting one of these? Sound off in the comments.

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