EVO 4G Coming to Sprint on June 4th!

Sprint users, mark your calenders. On June 4th, one of the hottest gadgets of the year will be released for you guys– the HTC EVO 4G, for $199.99 on 2 year contract.

Sprint released a whole bunch of other details on the EVO 4G particularly in terms of pricing. You will have to sign up for the traditional Sprint Everything Plan ($69.99 for unlimited text, calls and web) with an additional “Premium Data” cost of $10 a month (odd and annoying, I know). Using the mobile hotspot for up to 8 devices will also run you an additional $29.99 a month, though this is by far better than getting a smartphone and adding an Overdrive which runs $59.99 a month.

On a less expensive note, Sprint also said that video chatting will work over both 3G and 4G using the free Qik app for Android, and work whether it’s mobile to mobile video chatting or mobile to computer video chatting. Definitely nice.

For all the info on the EVO 4G, see our previous post here.

So there you have it. Now who else is excited for June 4th?

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