First Look: Microsoft Office 2010

A lot (if not pretty much all) of us have relied on Microsoft’s Office software for our lives over the years, whether for notes, school papers, or creating fliers. Every couple of years Microsoft introduces a major revision to the Office line, and 2010 is another one of those years. And while the basics of PowerPoint, Word, OneNote and all the other Office programs have stayed the same, there have been some pretty solid improvements that while may not be “must haves,” are without question appreciated and make Office even better and easier to use.

I’ve been testing out the beta (i.e. testing, not final) version of Office 2010 as my main Office suite for the past couple of months– using it to write papers, take notes, manage email, and create presentations; and I got to say– I really like it better than the older Office 2007. I’m not gonna go into a full out review of the new Office yet (partly because not everything is finalized in the beta I’m using), but here are a few thoughts.

Word 2007 vs Word 2010

Things are faster, look nicer, and generally easier to use. The “ribbon” interface introduced in 2007 is still very much here, though in 2010 it’s seems to be a lot easier to use. The older Office logo in the upper right of programs has been replaced with the simpler and familiar “File” button, allowing you to do everything from saving a doc, to printing, to saving to the web. You do still have the different tabs along the top of whatever respective program your using (meaning the “Home” tab in Word shows basic options like paste, font, spacing etc., while the “Insert” tab to the right shows options for a Cover Page, adding headers and footers, etc.). Even compared to their 2007 counterparts, I still found things to run cleaner and faster than in previous Office versions– and this is just a beta copy!  And for those that do a lot of presentations, PowerPoint also has gotten some tweaks and updates as well, adding a bunch of awesome 3D-like animations that I can tell you from first hand experience really add to whatever the presentation is on and can really help to bring up your grade (I’ve done this on 2 different school projects, and both times my classmates, and teacher, were wowed, which when you need a good grade definitely can’t hurt!). Outlook (the email program for those who don’t know), has also gotten a nice update– now allowing you to sort messages in threads (like in Gmail), rather than viewing a email conversation as separate email replies. You can even link the emailer’s profile to their social network (like Facebook, MySpace) so you can see not just that person’s latest email but also their latest Facebook status update at the same time. The beta version doesn’t yet have this feature active so I couldn’t test it for this First Look.

Now we’re still about a month away from Office 2010’s release (it comes out June 15th), and while at it’s core it’s still the Office we know and love, Office 2010 looks to be a really solid update and if your in the market for a new computer (or are looking for some graduation computer deals), you should definitely check out Office 2010 for your Office suite.

We’ll have more on Office when it launches next month, but you can pre-order it now from Microsoft’s online store (the Home and Student version– which has Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint 2010 costs $149.99) or from Amazon (where you can buy Office 2007 and get a free upgrade to that version’s 2010 edition once it comes out) now. Oh, and for those who can’t wait, you can download and try the beta of Office 2010 yourself from Microsoft (note: the Office 2010 beta expires in October, and after that your gonna either need to buy a copy of Office or return back to your older Office programs).

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