Walmart Drops the iPhone 3GS 16 GB to $97– Why You Shouldn't Buy it

If you’ve been waiting on an iPhone, you probably heard of Walmart’s dropping of the iPhone 3GS 16 GB’s price to $97 this week and went “wow, I can get double the iPhone than the 8 GB iPhone 3G and save $100! This is amazing!”

If I were you I’d wait before rushing out to the nearest Walmart, as you may have buyer’s remorse VERY QUICKLY. Why? Read on.

Now see there are 2 main reasons I would say NOT to buy it, and both revolve around Apple’s WWDC conference in a little over a week (June 7th). Here’s the first.

A new iPhone

One of the new iPhone 4 shots from Vietnam (seen running a supposed Apple test software. Pic from All Things Digital)

Let’s face it, it’s nearly a given that Apple introduces a new iPhone at WWDC. You’ve got tons of leaks (there hasn’t been a week that’s gone by since Gizmodo scored the first leak that there hasn’t been some talk and pix of a new iPhone– be it from the Czech Republic, Vietnam…), numerous references in the 4.0 beta software, the proper timing (the last two iPhone’s were also announced at WWDC, so its seems like now is the about the perfect time for new iPhones), and, of course, who else but Apple CEO Steve Jobs kicking off the WWDC festivities. The writing is clearly on the wall.

Now the latest rumors as to the specs of the iPhone include:

  • white or black colors (with the white iPhone being fully white, not black on the front, white on the back as seen on the 3G and 3GS)
  • 2x the screen resolution (to an incredible 960×640… or in simple terms, one of the best screens ever on a mobile device!)
  • 2x the RAM of the 3GS with a processor like the iPad’s (to 512 MB, which should mean even faster apps, and of course, better multitasking!)
  • 2x the storage, most likely to be 32 GB for the base $199 version, 64 GB for the $299. This would fall in line with what’s Apple’s done in the past. There are also shots of a 16 GB iPhone 4 floating around, so maybe Apple may have one at $100
  • 2 cameras, including a higher res one on the back with flash. It’s rumored to be 5 megapixel, which is a nice bump up from the already decent 3.2 megapixel one on the 3GS
  • and a front one for mobile iChat

All this plus a nicer, sleeker design as seen from the Gizmodo leaks, as well as a supposedly bigger, better and longer lasting battery.

Clearly Apple looks to maintain their awesomeness in the phone space, and if your looking to buy an Apple phone, this looks to be the one.

The 3GS is the new 3G

This leads me to my second point. If last year’s move is any indication, than the base 3GS (in this case the 16 GB) will move to $99, just like the base 3G (the 8 GB model) did when the 3GS was announced. If you don’t need the much more high powered iPhone, and wanna save the $100, Apple’s got room for you too. And you can still run 4.0 with all the new multi-tasking goodness.

But here’s the thing, before being locked in a new 2 year deal now, why not just wait 2 weeks and see what Apple’s got planned. If Apple does introduce the new iPhone and lowers the 16 GB 3GS to $99 anyway (and which should be offered everywhere, like Best Buy, Apple and AT&T stores so you don’t need to find a Walmart if ones not near you), you really lose nothing, and may even have saved by not jumping the gun too quickly and being stuck with last year’s goods for 2 more years!

Though whatever you do, don’t buy an 8 GB iPhone 3G.

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