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Hulu Out Now for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad; PS3 and Xbox 360 Support Coming Soon

The day has finally come– Hulu is finally here for the iOS devices, meaning all of us with an iPod touch, iPhone and/or iPad can finally watch Hulu on our iDevice! This is HUGE no question about it.

So what is this new Hulu that is finally spreading off the traditional computer? Called Hulu Plus, it is pretty much a mini Hulu in the regard that it won’t offer all that the traditional online offers. Though don’t under-estimate this, it’s still awesome; offering every episode of this season’s shows from FOX, ABC and NBC (along with their respective sub-channels like USA, FX and ABC Family), as well as seasons from some older TV shows no longer on the air (and even older seasons for some shows still currently on the air)  for $10 a month. Oh, and you can watch on WiFi AND 3G.

Now I know what your thinking “$10 for Hulu? Is this some kind of joke?” Sadly, no, it’s what’s happening and it stinks that their charging now for this, but what can you do (there is by the way a very small group of free episodes and clips and the app itself is also free); and considering all the content that it offers, it isn’t really such a terrible deal (particularly for those who watch a ton of TV or don’t want to spend the $30 a month for cable and want to still want to watch their shows anywhere).

Hulu Plus is also coming soon to a whole bunch of other devices, including: PS3 (next month), Xbox 360 (sometime early next year for Xbox Live Gold members), and a whole bunch of Samsung, Sony and Vizio TV’s as well as internet connected Blu-Ray players later this year.

For now though, check out all the info on Hulu Plus at Hulu’s site here, and head to the App Store and download Hulu Plus for yourself today. Oh, and do let us know what you think about all this– are you gonna pay $10 a month for this?– in the comments.

T-Mobile and Verizon Also Getting High-End Samsung Android Phones in the Coming Months

T-Mobile and Verizon users– worried about missing out on all this latest Samsung Android goodness that seems to be sweeping up AT&T and Sprint? Fear not, as both T-Mobile and Verizon have announced today new Samsung phones of their own, and look to carry over all that awesomeness bit for bit.

And I mean bit for bit. Basically, all of these phones– be it on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile– all stem from Samsung’s new high-end Galaxy S line of Android phones. AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon all plan to launch the “standard” Galaxy S phone here in the US (each calling it be different names like Captivate, Vibrant– T-Mobile’s name, or Fascinate– Verizon’s name), with Sprint launching the Galaxy S Pro in their Epic 4G (the main difference being that the Pro adds a full QWERTY keyboard, and in Sprint’s particular case, 4G and a front facing camera as well).

So then Verizon and T-Mobile users, what can you expect in your respective Fascinate and Vibrant in the coming months? Like the Captivate and Epic 4G, some of those familiar but still pretty great features:

  • A 4-inch Super AMOLED multi-touch touchscreen– Remember those great AMOLED screens on phones like the Samsung Impression and Moment? You know, ones with insane clarity? Not only is this screen much bigger than those (it’s pretty much on par with the EVO’s minus .3 of an inch), this does all of that but in a much thinner design– which when you look at this phone you can tell it’s paid off, as well as fix one of the biggest problems facing AMOLED phones, the horrible quality they produce when in outdoor or bright light areas.

  • A crazy thin design– See pic above of T-Mobile’s variant, the Vibrant. Enough said.
  • 1 GHZ Samsung Hummingbird processor— For making everything on the phone run fast and smooth.
  • Android 2.1 with Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 custom interface—  Which offers easy connection to your Facebook or other social networking site so your always connected to your friends.
  • 3G, WiFi and GPS– With the WiFi supporting the latest wireless N. 
  • 3D graphics with gyroscope for better gaming— T-Mobile’s Vibrant will even come preloaded with the Sim’s 3 Collector’s Edition.
  • 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus and 720p HD video recording– As seen on the iPhone. However, unlike the iPhone 4 and Epic 4G, these guys won’t be packing a second front camera for video chat.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack for listening to your favorite songs— Both phones have a heavy emphasis on media (and with a screen like this, who wouldn’t?). The difference here between Verizon and T-Mobile’s offerings is that T-Mobile will include in the box a 2 GB microSD card preloaded with content like Avatar (a really nice touch and a great way to truly show off that screen) and 16 GB of built-in storage as well (again, great). Verizon’s will be  2 GB of built-in storage and 16 GB on a microSD card (though with nothing known installed).

Ironically given AT&T’s announcement of the Captivate a couple of weeks ago, T-Mobile will be the first of these Galaxy S phones to hit the US– launching on July 21st for $199.99 on a new 2 year contract with data plan. Verizon, AT&T and Sprint have all been pretty quiet with more details, like price and release, for their phones (with Verizon not even releasing pictures of theirs yet)– but we really can’t see any of them not being released by the end of the summer for a price no higher than this.

All in all, with this and the upcoming Droid X for Verizon, this is shaping up to be the summer of Android; and Samsung looks to make sure you can get a solid experience no matter what carrier your on. We’ll have more on all of these phones as we get more info.

Pix from T-Mobile

Sprint and Samsung Announce Sprint’s Second 4G Phone– Say Hello to the Epic 4G

So you want Android, your on Sprint, and you want a 4G phone that is not only Android and 4G, but also has a slide out physical QWERTY keyboard instead of only a touchscreen one. Well, then you’re in luck– as Sprint and Samsung have just announced Sprint’s second 4G phone, the Epic 4G. So what is in the Epic 4G that, well, makes it want to offer the name Epic? Some really solid specs actually, including–

  • 4 inch Super AMOLED multitouch screen–Like AT&T’s recently announced Samsung Captivate.
  • Android 2.1 with Samsung’s customized TouchWiz 3.o interface— We expect this to hopefully get Android 2.2 soon, but Sprint hasn’t yet announced info on that just yet.
  • 5 megapixel camera with flash, autofocus, and 720p HD video recording on back AND a VGA front camera for video calls— Similar to the iPhone 4, just here video calls can be made to other users (like Skype, Qik, or EVO 4G users for example), and can also be done on WiFi, 3G, or 4G.
  • WiFi, GPS, 3G, and 4G— Including support for wireless N WiFi.
  • 1 GHZ Samsung Hummingbird processor– For making sure everything runs fast and smooth.
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack and 16 GB microSD card included in the box— So your good to go right from the start for using this as your all in one media device.

It also offers many of the other features the EVO offers (such as the ability to turn into a mobile hotspot, albeit here only offering 5 devices to connect at once, unlike the EVO’s eight). Yeah I know, pretty much the EVO 4G with a slightly smaller screen and camera but with a full slide out QWERTY keyboard. There is though something to be said for having that full QWERTY keyboard (particularly if, as is the case here, it doesn’t make the phone much thicker than the incredibly thin and sleek EVO), as even with the much improved touchscreen Android keyboards like Swype (which is also on the phone for when you want to type on the touchscreen), nothing quite beats a good ‘ol physical keyboard.

Oh, and if you are that person mentioned above, you may want to begin saving up money from that summer job; because while Sprint and Samsung have yet to announce a price or release date (let’s hope it’s soon!), I’m sure it will probably be in the EVO’s range of $200 with new 2 year contract and data plan (though it would be awesome here if I’m wrong).

So, anyone out there holding off on an EVO 4G to get this Epic 4G?

First Look: Apple iPhone 4

It’s here! After a seemingly endless wait, we finally have gotten our hands on the new iPhone 4! To sum it up in one word– incredible (though I’m still not sold on it being worth waiting in line for hours for…). After using it for the past few hours, here are some of my initial thoughts, which I’ll follow up on early next week with a full review.

The iPhone 4 screen, on left, compared to the iPod touch 3rd gen– this new screen is THAT much better

  • The screen is amazing— This has to be the greatest screen I’ve ever seen on a phone, and it really comes through when looking at apps like mobile Safari. Text and pictures render beautifully, with everything coming off crisp and insanely clear.
  • The new design feels great in the hand— Coming off a 3G and 3GS the iPhone 4 initially feels, for lack of a better word, awkward. It’s not bad, but different from all iPhones before it. You get used to the new design however very quickly, and it actually is quite nice– it feels really sturdy in the hand, like your carrying something more than just a chunk of plastic.

  • The cameras are really nice— Both cameras look to take very impressive pix. Now obviously this is very basic testing right now (just some quick shots), but the new cameras do overall look a lot nicer. Pix in low light are much better even without the new flash (which in my brief use I found to be only so-so. It’s nice to have, but not really spectacular in terms of quality), and the 5 megapixel camera on the back takes some really surprisingly, and refreshingly, nice shots.
  • It’s fast!— While it’s nowhere near the speed jump as the 3GS was to the 3G and first iPhone, but multitasking on the iPhone 4 does seem to run much faster and smoother on here than on the 3GS (particularly in apps like the camera where shots are taken almost instantly).
  • The new antennas make AT&T a LOT faster— While I can’t yet talk about phone quality, I can say this much about AT&T and the new iPhone 4 antennas that now surround the phone– the 3G network speed is now crazy fast. I’m consistently seeing 2 megabits or more download and over 1.5 megabits upload. In simple terms– the 3G internet on the iPhone has gotten much, much faster (of course, this may also be an AT&T improvement as well, but when I ran the same test on my old 3GS it showed the same impressive download speeds, but much slower upload speeds– and I mean much slower like only .25 megabits). Browsing the web on my iPhone has never been easier or faster.
  • Speakers are much louder— This is something I really am happy to see, as one of the big low points of the iPhone 3G and 3GS to me was the very inconsistent speaker quality. On those iPhones it was pretty much hit or miss to see if it works well, but on the iPhone 4– whether on calls or watching YouTube, the speaker is really loud, really clear and finally really good.

So those are just some quick thoughts on the new iPhone 4, keep it peeled here for our full review in the coming days.

And any other readers out there who’ve gotten their iPhones– what you think? You think it was worth the wait? Let us know in the comments.

Big thanks to my bro, Akiva, for helping take some pix.

Live from the iPhone 4 Launch

Wow. Seriously wow. This is the line my local Apple store at around 9 am. Now don’t think I’m that crazy that I’ve been up since 4 AM camping out, I’ve actually only been here since about 8:30, but here’s a shot of people out since before 6:30 AM:

Yeah this is nuts. We’ll be updating this periodically, and of course we’ll have our thoughts later today once we’ve gotten some time with it.

UPDATE 10:02 AM: and we’ve made contact. Here it is, the iPhone 4!

UPDATE 11:51 AM: Alright we’re making progress but still got some wait left. There are people here since 3 AM not close so take that as a lesson– RESERVE IN ADVANCE (and pray that Apple and AT&T don’t die before you do). The line for none reserved was so bad that they even cut it off THREE hours ago and still have one stretching the large portion of this mall. Look at this:

UPDATE 2:08 PM: And done! We finally got the new iPhone 4 and for the first 30 seconds I’ve used it, it looks great. I’ll have more pix and thoughts later tonight but wow, it feels so great to LEAVE the Apple Store.

The Droid Gets Super Sized– Meet the All New Motorola Droid X

We had a feeling this was on the way, and now Motorola, Google, and Verizon have confirmed the rumors of this beast of a phone with their official announcement of the Motorola Droid X. And when I say beast of a phone, I MEAN beast of a phone.

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Review: Slim Xbox 360

Last week at E3, Microsoft announced the all new sleek, stylish and Kinect-friendly Xbox 360. Offering things like built in WiFi wireless N (the first Xbox to offer built-in WiFi and the first game console to offer support for the latest, fastest and greatest WiFi wireless N), a 250 GB hard drive and that oh so nice new black design it seemed like a great update to usher in the next generation of the Xbox 360.

For new Xbox 360 owners this of course seems like a great deal, but what about for those with the older, original Xbox 360’s from the launch days in 2005– is it worth it to spring for the new update? Read on because we’ve got all those answers and more after the break.

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Can the Tablet Replace the Laptop as the School Computer?

Ever since the iPad was announced back in January, I wondered if it and other tablets could replace the laptop as the computers in our daily lives, and in particular if they were in fact the perfect school computers. So I decided to put it to the test, and for the past few weeks I’ve been carrying around the tablet of the moment– an iPad WiFi+3G– to school in place of my laptop to see if it could live up to the challenge (I know, probably not the smartest thing to do with finals only a few weeks away….). What I’ve found out may surprise you.

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New Droids Coming This Week?

If your on Verizon and looking for a new Android phone you may wanna hold off getting that Droid Incredible or  Motorola Droid just yet, as  Motorola and Verizon have some big news, and when I say big news I mean REALLY BIG news.

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Welcome to TeensTalkTech!

TeensTalkTech is a new site designed to help you—the teen—get the most out of technologies in your everyday life. Whether you’re looking for a new computer, phone or camera, the best laptop is for school, or just wanna know when the new Call of Duty is gonna drop– all of the info you need is right here. Our goal is to help you make the best decisions when it comes to tech, and explaining all the “tech talk” in simple, easy to understand “not geek talk” ways.

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